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8 Best Fish Identification App on Android and iPhone

Nowadays, people can get information about anything by using your phone. As a novice fisherman man, it will be difficult to keep track of all fish regulations or the name of the fishes you catch as well.

However, in this article, you will learn about 8 fish identification app on Android and iPhone that will help you overcome these challenges.

Part 1: Best Fish Identification App for Android

1. Fishverify

This app helps users identify freshwater and saltwater fish in Florida. Fishverify provides users with local fishing regulations or laws in the state of Florida.

To use this app, all you need to do is take a picture of the fish you want to identify, and this app will identify it for you with its latest image recognition technology. Specifically made for the Florida salt and freshwater.


  • Local fish regulations
  • Reference tool
  • Image recognition
  • Catch log to document all your catch

2. Fish Rules

Here is a new and innovative to have an in-depth understanding of recreational saltwater fishing regulation. The app makes saltwater fishing simple by using your phone’s GPS and calendar to show you only the regulation you need to know about.

Even in the absence of a signal on your phone, you can still get the information you seek. Manually enter the latitude or select your fishing location to the local regulation.


  • Regular updates for fish regulations to ensure information are accurate
  • Location filter
  • Fish log for recording your harvest.
  • The app is fully functional and can run entirely on your phone

3. What is that Fish

One problem you will have as a novice fisherman is knowing the name of all your catch. How do you know which is edible and which is not?

All those problems are solved with this app. No more struggling to remember the name of what you caught. All you have to do is hold your phone and capture your catch with the fish cam on the app.

Within a few minutes, the picture of the fish will appear with its name and additional information such as regulation size and bag limit allowed by local law.


  • Presence of fish cam for taking pictures of your catch
  • BOM ( Bureau of Metrology)
  • Enable users to check the weather of the local area
  • Sea breeze helps users to have week information about wind and wave direction of the local area on your screen.

4. Fish Companion

This fish identification app assists the user to create a photo list or album of your fish. The app helps you keep track of your tanks for maintenance and notes. It also helps users have information on freshwater diseases that can affect their catch and how to treat these diseases.


  • Better photo resolution to take better pictures.

Part 2: Best Fish Identification App for iPhone

5. Fishes

This fish identification app is made or developed for shore – fish fauna in the Tropical Eastern Pacific. The app is an identification guide for both sides of the central part of America. The app originates from the 2008 website – shorefishes of the tropical eastern pacific.


  • Fully functional and don’t need the internet to operate
  • Multiple languages option (English and Spanish)
  • It contains a search engine to enable faster search
  • Notebook module to enable users to write their review of recently viewed species.

6. Picture Fish – Fish Identifie‪r‬

This app is a newly updated one in the Apple store. Organized into family, class, and species. You can move easily from one category to the next.

This app exists in three volumes. It is a comprehensive guide to reef fishes of the East Indies. The number of species covered by this app is estimated to be 2800. With its new update, 98nnew species of fishes have been added.


  • New maps addition (2700)
  • New species addition
  • More photographs to cover every species newly discovered

7. Fishes

A comprehensive guide to marine life identification. It covers entirely all species of fish types. Specifically developed for divers and marine archaeologists.

The app has coordinates of over 200 oceanic regions as well as sub-regions around the world. With new update now available, users will have a more simplified process of identification of species based on a specified location.

What this means is that a user can narrow his search to a specific location when looking to identify a particular species of fish.

The app is completely interactive. It makes use of the latest Apple ‘s programming language. It does not need an internet connection to function which makes it perfect for underwater usage.


  • 3D pop and peek ability
  • You can add your own species
  • Search engine for easier navigation
  • A 50+ page dedicated to conservation and education about marine life
  • 3D touch to enable access to all features of the app easily

8. Fishidy

The app like most of them in this article will assist iPhone users to identify their fish as well as provide them with additional information about the fish. Information such as scientific name, class, family, genus, habitat and, characteristics are provided by this app as well to its user.


  • A diary for captured fishes
  • Large database
  • Uses Artificial intelligence to identify any fish whose photo has been captured by the app


All these apps are easy to use and so you don’t need to be a tech genius to use them effectively. Also, they are all available in their respective stores. Although some of these are restricted to a particular region of the world, you should be able to find the one that can cater to your needs.

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