13 Best Headphones for Girls 2021 [Ultimate]

You deserve to enjoy high-quality sound with the 13 best girls headphones.

Headphones for GirlsWirelessMicRGB LightingPrice
Razer Kraken Kitty Girls Headphone – Amazon’s ChoiceYYY
Riwbox Bluetooth Headphones –Volume ControlYYN
ZIUMIER Z30 Pink Girls Headsets –PopularYYY
Beats Solo3 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones –Best OverallYYY
Anker Soundcore Noise Cancelling HeadphonesYYN
Unicorn Headphones for Teenage Girls – Budget PickYYN
Zihnic Foldable Wireless Girls Headphone YYN
Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones – Mickey’s 90th Anniversary EditionYYN
Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones – ClassicYYN
FosPower Kids Headphones with LEDYYY
Elecder i37 Teenage Girls HeadsetYYN
OneOdio Bluetooth Over-Ear Girls HeadphonesYYN
Picun P26 Bluetooth HeadphonesYYN

With the advancement of technology, headphones have become more and more popular among girls. Girls can find gaming headphones on many platforms.

Girls normally have special needs for headphones, like appearance and weight. A good-looking headphone can make girls elegant or cool. If you are looking for the best headphones, we will recommend 13 best headphones for grils, kids or teenage girls in this article.

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Part 1: 13 Best Headphones for Girls and Teenagers [Wireless Included]

1. Razer Kraken Kitty Girls Headphone

Razer Kraken Kitty Girls Headphone

Image credit: Razer

Color Availability: Pink, Black/Green

Microphone: Yes, retractable

Wireless: No

Sound Quality: High Quality 7.1 Multi-channel Surround Sound

Sleek RGB Lighting

If you’ve seen other Razer equipment, then you will know they pride themselves in their design and use of RGB lighting. The RGB lights on these headphones really bring out the beautiful design and sleek aesthetic of this headset for girls.

Comfort for Ears

Razer has a lot of experience designing peripherals of all types, and this has given them years of trial and error to create high-quality products that work well and are comfortable to use. The Razer Kraken is incredibly comfortable with padded earmuffs and adjustability that allow the headset to sit just right.

Popular around the World

The Razer Kraken headset is one of the most popular gaming headphones for girls in the world due to its excellent quality, high performance, and comfortable fit. If you are a girl of like playing games. It is the best headphone for you. The headset has great size adjustments, so it can fit a wide range of different-shaped heads so you won’t have to worry about finding one that can fit your unique size.

Pros: These headphones are a high-quality gaming headset that will provide excellent quality media playback as well as voice input with its microphone. The headset fits comfortably and can work on a range of different sizes and head shapes.

Cons: These headphones were designed for gaming and use with a computer, so for the RGB functionality you will need to be plugged into a USB input. The headphones can still work when plugged into an audio jack, the lighting just won’t turn on or operate.

2. Riwbox Bluetooth Headphones

Riwbox Bluetooth girls Headphones

Image credit: Riwbox

Color Availability: Pink, Purple, Black, Gold

Microphone: Yes, built-in

Wireless: Yes

Sound Quality: Hi-Fi Stereo

Personalized Design for Girls

The Riwbox headphones come specifically designed for women with a beautiful fashion appealing and minimalistic design. The headphones are designed for a range of head sizes thanks to the adjustable band that can make them fit perfectly.

Memory Foam Earpads

The over-the-ear headphones provide an extremely comfortable solution with earmuffs made out of memory protein that can sit comfortably over your ears. The headphones for girls were designed for long sustained use so you shouldn’t have to worry about your head getting sore even after wearing them for long periods of time.

Lightweight and Carryable

The design of these headphones ensures that they remain lightweight and highly mobile. The headset itself weighs less than a pound and can fold up for additional space savings when not in use. Considering the weight, it is a great choice for teenage girls.

Pros: The headphones feature a beautiful design that is extremely fashionable and appealing. They also offer great comfort with memory protein earmuffs that sit over the ear so you shouldn’t feel any discomfort even after long periods of use.

Cons: The lightweight feel can make these headphones seem a little cheap, and they can get damaged if treated roughly.

3. ZIUMIER Z30 Pink Girls Headsets

Mpow headphone for girls

Image credit: ZIUMIER

Color Availability: Blue, Pink, White, Red

Microphone: Yes, built-in

Wireless: No

Sound Quality: 7.1 Surround Sound

Designed for Small Heads

If you’ve had issues finding a pair of headphones that fit you due to size, then these might be perfect for you. The ZIUMIER headphones were designed to fit snugly on a smaller head without falling or slipping off.


The ZIUMIER Z30 was designed with durability in mind and that’s primarily because they were designed for use with teenage girls. The headphones are quite sturdy and can take a bit of a beating before taking any real damage.

Pros: The ZIUMIER headphones are quite durable and will fit a range of smaller head sizes. Volume controlling function is liked by users.

Cons: If you don’t have a smaller head then these headphones might not fit you or they may cause discomfort.

4. Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Bluetooth Headphones

Beats best headphone for girls

Image credit: Beats

Color Availability: Black, Red, White, Rose Gold

Microphone: Yes, built-in

Wireless: Yes

Sound Quality: Hi-Fi Stereo

High-Quality Audio for Girls

The Beats brand is known for the high-quality sound it provides with its headsets and the Solo3 is no different. Listen to your music with crystal clear quality for an immersive experience. If you are a fashion girl, this headphone is perfect.

Clean and Sleek Aesthetic

The Solo3 headset comes in a clean and appealing design that is incredibly fashionable and stylish. With a range of colors to choose from, you can pick the perfect look for you.

40 Hour Battery Life

These headphones come with an astounding 40 hours of battery life so you can take them on the go and not have to worry about charging them every single day.

Pros: These headphones have a very long battery life while also providing high-quality audio in a stylish package.

Cons: The Beats Solo3 is considerably more expensive than most other headphones that offer similar features.

5. Anker Soundcore Life Q20 Noise Cancelling Headphones

Anker wireless headphones for teenage girl

Image credit: Anker

Color Availability: Black, Silver, Blue

Microphone: Yes, built-in

Wireless: Yes

Sound Quality: Hi-Res Audio 40mm

Noise Cancellation

The Anker Soundcore headphones were designed with noise cancellation in mind. With both passive and active cancellation, girls can focus on their music without being interrupted by the world.

Bass-Up Technology

These headphones incorporate specific technology to up the bass of your music so girls can really feel the music and enjoy it to its maximum.

Rotational Earmuffs

The earmuffs on the Q20 feature adjustable and rotational earmuffs that can conform perfectly to your head. You won’t have to worry about adjusting the headset just right as this provides additional flexibility and adjustment so you can fit your headphones comfortably.

Pros: The noise-canceling earmuffs can be really great if you spend a lot of time in loud environments and the Bass-Up technology provides an excellent way to enjoy your music with a focus on the bass.

Cons: The design isn’t as appealing as some of the other headphones on this list, and the color selection is rather limited and bland.

6. Unicorn Headphones for Teenage Girls

Unicorn best headphone for girls

Image credit: Unicorn

Color Availability: Pink

Microphone: Yes, built-in

Wireless: No

Sound Quality: Standard Quality

Unique Design

These headphones provide a fun and attractive design for teenage girls. The unicorn horn and ears provide a great way for your kids to express themselves and enjoy a fun and sparkly design.

Small Fit

These headphones were designed with teenage girls in mind, so these headphones will fit a range of smaller head sizes while still offering a good range of adjustments.

Universal compatibility

The unicorn headphones incorporate a standard 3.5mm audio jack so they can fit and be used with any devices that come with one.

Pros: Fun and cute design that children will love. Specifically made for smaller heads for an easier fit.

Cons: The functionality is pretty limited and some people may think the design is a bit over-the-top.

7. Zihnic Foldable Wireless Girls Headphone

COWIN Bluetooth Girls Headphones

Image credit: Zihnic

Color Availability: Rose Gold

Microphone: Yes, built-in

Wireless: Yes

Sound Quality: Standard Quality

Over-Ear Artificial Leather Earpads

The earpads of the Zihnic were specifically designed for a comfortable over-the-ear experience that won’t cause girls to discomfort even after long periods of wear.

Active Noise Cancelling

Active noise canceling prevents any outside noise from getting into your headphones so you can enjoy your music in peace.

Pros: High-quality headphones that provide proprietary technology in the form of noise reduction features.

Cons: The 20 hours of playtime is slightly less than some of the other alternatives on this list.

8. Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones

Beats headphone for girls

Image credit: Beats

Color Availability: Grey Anniversary Edition

Microphone: Yes, built-in

Wireless: Yes

Sound Quality: Hi-Fi Stereo

Disney Design for All Girls

If you’re a Disney lover then you will enjoy this anniversary edition of the Beats Solo3. This design is a specific collaboration between Disney and Beats to celebrate Disney’s 90th anniversary. This headphone is both for girls and teenage girls.

Beats High-Quality Audio

These headphones incorporate the same high-quality sound that the Beats brand has been known for. Girls can rest assured that these will prove crystal clear and powerful audio for all uses.

40 Hour Battery Life

These headphones come with an astounding 40 hours of battery life so you can take them on the go and not have to worry about charging them every single day.

Pros: These headphones provide a limited edition design to celebrate Disney’s 90th anniversary. They also incorporate the typical high quality you’d expect out of a Beats product.

Cons: They can be pretty expensive, especially considering this is a limited edition release that will only be produced for a short time.

9. Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones for Teenage Girls

sony Headphones for Teenage Girls

Image credit: Sony

Color Availability: Blue, Black

Microphone: Yes, built-in

Wireless: Yes

Sound Quality: Hi-Fi Stereo

Dual Built-in Microphones

The dual built-in microphones allow crystal clear audio when talking with your friends or family. It also helps with noise cancellation as it can sense the noise levels of the environment around you.

Wireless and Wired

These headphones can be connected via Bluetooth or to a 3.55mm audio jack with the included cable.

35 Hours of Battery Life

Sony provides a solid battery life that can keep you going for days without having to worry about recharging your headphones.

Pros: These headphones offer decent battery life with clear and concise microphone audio input and good noise-canceling technology.

Cons: Bland design with minimal color or design options

10. FosPower Kids Headphones with LED

FosPower Headphones with LED

Image credit: FosPower

Color Availability: Pink, Teal

Microphone: No

Wireless: No

Sound Quality: Standard Quality

Volume Limited to 85db

These headphones are designed to have a maximum volume of 85db and can’t get any louder so the hearing of your children is protected from the high noises that could come from other headsets.

Child-Friendly Design

The FosPower headphones offer a fun and exciting design for children to enjoy.

Durable and Flexible

These headphones were made with children in mind and provide an extremely durable and flexible product. This device was made to handle the rough treatment of children and can take a considerable beating before taking damage.

Pros: These headphones offer a volume limit to protect your child’s hearing and come in an incredibly durable design that can handle the roughness that accompanies a children’s product.

Cons: The volume maximum may be too low when working with certain devices that have a low default output level and there isn’t a way to increase the volume beyond the stated level.

11. Elecder i37 Teenage Girls Headset

Elecder Girls Headset

Image credit: Elecder


Color Availability: Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Teal, Yellow, Navy,

Microphone: No

Wireless: No

Sound Quality: Standard Quality

Cheap Cost

The Elecder i37 kids’ headphones come at a very cheap cost and can offer a great alternative if you are looking for headphones on a budget.

Small Form Factor

The i37 can be tucked away and stored in a small location so you won’t have to worry about bulky headphones taking up space in your child’s backpack.

Adjustable Bands

The adjustable bands allow for easy sizing for a wide range of head sizes so you don’t have to worry about the headphones slipping off or not fitting.

Pros: The Elecder i37 is a great cheap alternative that provides decent quality for a low price.

Cons: The features and functionality of the headphones are pretty basic so if you are looking for a mic or volume control then you may need to look at a different alternative.

12. OneOdio Bluetooth Over-Ear Girls Headphones

OneOdio Over-Ear Girls Headphones

Image credit: OneOdio


Color Availability: Red, Black, Silver, Gold

Microphone: No

Wireless: Yes

Sound Quality: High Quality with 40mm driver

3.5mm and 6.35mm Audio Jack Connection

The OneOdio headphones come with the option to utilize a 3.5mm or 6.35mm audio jack making this a great option for music lovers that enjoy making their own music or DJing.

Built for Guitar Amp and Stereo Sound

Thanks to the 6.35mm audio jack this can be a great pair of headphones if you need to plug into an amp while playing or listening to music.

Good Quality on a Budget

The OneOdio Bluetooth headset provides a lot of great features for minimal cost so it can be a great budget-friendly alternative to some of the more expensive options on this list.

Pros: The option to use a 6.35mm audio jack rally gives these headphones some versatility, and the 50 hours of battery life is a considerable feat compared to most of the other options on this list.

Cons: If you aren’t a DJ or regularly play your own instruments then the 6.35mm audio jack is probably useless to you.

13. Picun P26 Bluetooth Headphones

Picun Bluetooth Headphones for girls

Image credit: Picun


Color Availability: Black, Red, Platinum, Rose Gold

Microphone: Yes, built-in

Wireless: Yes

Sound Quality: Hi-Fi Stereo with 40mm driver

Clean and Fashionable Design

The Picun P26 offers an aesthetically pleasing design that is great for any occasion. The headphones are fashionable and styling so girls can wear them with confidence.

80 Hours of Playtime

The batteries on the P26 offer an astounding 80 hours of playtime so you can bring these headphones wherever you go and not have to think about recharging them for days on end.

TF Port

The headphones for girls offer a TF port that can fit a memory card with your music for easy playback without any other devices needed.

Pros: The P26 offers an incredible battery life of up to 80 hours and offers an interesting alternative through the TF port which can allow for music playback without other devices.

Cons: The headphones seem a little flimsy so taking care of them and not being too rough will be important in ensuring they last a long time.

Part 2:Why Girls Need Headphones

Headphones are an excellent universal tool for girls to listen to music, play games, and watch videos on the go or at home. While appearance might not matter to some, a high-quality pair of headphones can offer comfort and clear media playback to girls.

Finding a good pair of headphones can not only provide girls with an easy-to-use tool to play all of their music and block out the outside world, but most headphones can also double as a headset if there is a microphone built-in. This will allow for seamless communication without even having to get your phone out of your pocket or purse.

If you’re at home and you don’t want to bother anyone, using headphones can be a great way to continue doing what you need to do without causing much noise or disruption to the people around you. It also provides an excellent way to block your surroundings out so you can focus on your own tasks without interruption.

Part 3: FAQ about Headphones for Girls

1. Are headphones bad for your brain?

Headphones are not bad for your brain, but they can lead to hearing loss if they are consistently worn for long periods of time and played at high volumes.

2. How long should girls use headphones?

The World Health Organization recommends wearing headphones for no longer than one hour a day to prevent hearing loss.

3 What age is safe for headphones?

Headphones are safe for all ages as long as a proper precaution is taken with volume control. Volume-controlled headphones offer an excellent solution for teenage girls that might expose themselves to high levels of sound.

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