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13 Best Free Meme Caption Makers [No Watermark]

Memes are the central part of several online conversations. These popular memes pop up on social media, especially platforms like Facebook, Tumbler, and Twitter. People converse even with each other utilizing meme keyboards.

With memes, people have taken over the famous culture, allowing them to make a meme for yourself. By using the meme made, a user can make a unique meme without any hassle.

There are different meme-makers available online. Some are free, and some paid. You even can add caption to meme by subtitle editor. But, we have more choices. Here, You can view below some of the best and efficient free meme caption makers without any watermarks.

Part 1: 13 Best Free Meme Caption Makers

1. Imgflip


Image credit: Imgflip

It is a free tool that lets you include custom resizable text to images. The tool performs on using HTML canvas that is good to create your image on your device. A user can upload his images.


  • It is a web-based meme maker
  • On-site, it is very simple to use
  • Offers easy navigation
  • Gives a simple meme creation option
  • Comes with download option

2. Meme generator Kapwing

Meme generator Kapwing

Image credit: Meme generator Kapwing

This is the best and free online video, GIF, and online image-maker. It is easy to use the way that offers plenty of options for the users.


  • Able to use anytime and anywhere
  • Cross-device backed up and safe
  • Offers uploading, editing, and sharing files
  • Allows you to collaborate in real-time
  • Easy to use tool

3. Make a Meme

Make a Meme

Image credit: Make a Meme

When a user makes a meme on this tool, it gives several popular memes across the world. It is easy to click on the image.


  • Generates memes for popular ones and custom images or others
  • Includes bottom and top text easily
  • Produces custom mem titles
  • Offers memes before making them

4. Canva


Image credit: Canva

It is different from the other tools because it gives a professionally created template, and it uses for your memes. This tool is ideal to choose your favorite images and text.


  • Options to change text and font color
  • Adds a filter to an image
  • Creates memes with your images
  • Offers a vast collection of stock images

5. Imgur


Image credit: Imgur

This is the most favorite tool of the users that is related to the image hosting platform. In this way, you can share these images with others on social media. This tool is different from other devices based on modern features.


  • it is easy to use that take less than a minute
  • creates meme with your selected and own images
  • offers an image hosting service
  • for the majority of the users, its operation is highly simple

6. iLoveIMG


Image credit: iLoveIMG

It is one of the simplest tools to make your meme with your name. The homepage lets you upload and select the meme template to get a standard. It comes with the text boxes, and it helps you add more lines.

  • Gives the option to include an image on top of the present image
  • Adds more than one lines
  • Easy meme creation with custom images and uploaded

7. Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark

Image credit: Adobe Spark

The homepage of the tool is a combination of the internet’s most famous recurring viral characters. It allows you to select your image choice. You can add a caption to these images with the handy shared button.


  • It is easy to use and operate the tool
  • Offers the option to work without any hassle
  • It works with modern specifications like adding more lines
  • Offers simple creation procedure of memes

8. Clideo

Clideo meme generator

Image credit: Clideo

Aside from its dependable meme creation, this tool is ideal for inserting pictures and images. To make your meme more unique, this tool offers pictures and themes. Moreover, you can select the text and images on your own. It comes with the ability to add customizable sizes and fonts.


  • Ability to draw on images
  • Adds multiple text boxes
  • User can add customizable sizes and fonts

9. Make meme

Make meme

Image credit: Make meme

If you are using this tool, it allows you to see the images you want to make a wonderful meme that can be different and unique. Click on your favorite image and create a wonderful meme.


  • Preview your meme before finalizing it
  • Creates custom meme titles
  • Adds top and bottom text easily
  • Generates memes from the popular ones

10. Meme better

Meme better

Image credit: Meme better

To make a meme, this is one of the super and faster tools. Open your image file and include a text layer to the bottom and top of the image and then select it. Your meme is ready.


  • Quick and a fast tool
  • Includes top and bottom text
  • Offers the option to choose the image

11. Caption Generator

Caption Generator

Image credit: Caption Generator

It is one of the wonderful meme generators that imports video and GIF in one place. Just drop and drag to import. This is easy to use. With your favorite background, you can make your meme.


  • Offers an editing option
  • Gives top and bottom text option
  • Easy to use tool
  • Place text anywhere

12. Video meme maker

Video meme maker

Image credit: Video meme maker

With video memes make, you can generate more memes with the text of your choice. It allows you to upload your favorite texts.


  • Simple and easy to use too
  • Offers easy to adjust color and font size
  • Place text as per your need
  • Download and sharing option

13. Editdit


Image credit: Editdit

With this tool, you can generate countless images and without too many frills. It will give any watermark on your unique creation. The featured memes are greatly designed here.


  • Produce a meme with your favorite picture and logo
  • Offers the option to choose the image
  • Place the text
  • Offers downloading and sharing options

Part 2: How to Make a Meme with Your Picture

With an efficient tool, it is highly simple and easy to make memes using pictures and text. Some devices support GIFs and video memes. Here is a step by step guide for the users.

  1. Upload your images for videos or memes
  2. Arrange and size your media
  3. Include text
  4. It is ready for downloading and sharing
  5. It is a highly simple and easy way to make your memes online without any hassle.


All these are designed with modern technologies, and you will be able to use these meme caption makers without any hassle. If you are looking for the best makers, these are all highly wonderful for your personal use. In this way, you will get the ability to produce your memes whenever you need them. The only thing that you need is the idea for text and source image. Within a few minutes, the meme generator will help you make memes and is ready to download. The best thing about these tools is that these are free.

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