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10 Most Comfortable Gaming Headsets [Wireless Included]

In this guide, we will walk you through a list of the top 10 comfortable gaming headsets in 2021, carefully analyzed and selected by our panel hardware experts.

We paid extra attention to modern gaming needs and compared them with some advanced headsets available in the market.

In addition, we made sure to incorporate as many details as we can, like which headset is available at a fair price, what platform it is suitable with, and features like the ease and quality of the most comfortable gaming headsets for yourself.

Part 1: Most Comfortable Gaming Headsets for Xbox One and PS4

1. Cooler Master MH751 2.0 Gaming Headset

Cooler Master Comfortable Gaming Headset

Image credit: Cooler

With its simple appearance and lack of extra features, the Cooler Master MH751 gaming headset is a breath of fresh air in a market that is overrun with models that include outrageously detailed aesthetics, RGB lighting systems, as well as other shenanigans.

According to the company, excellent sound and microphone quality and comfort to wear for long periods were the manufacturer’s primary objectives. Everything on that comfortable gaming headset list is something that most of us are looking for, this headset is definitely worth your consideration.

Even though there is no official proof, it looks to me that this headset came into existence by rebranding and attaching a detachable mic to Takstar Pro 82 headphones, which are well for being excellent and economical studio monitors.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with that approach—the Takstar Pro 82 headphones have shown themselves to be detailed and very comfortable. They are currently selling for far more than the Cooler Master’s price for them with the microphone.


High-quality sound: This MH751 gaming headset provides high-quality sound together with a comfortable fit that allows you to play for extended periods in Battle Royale.

Comfortable ear cup: Soft cushions, leather pads, and a pivoting base ensure that you can battle for hours on end with the ear cups in place. It is the most comfortable gaming headset.


  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Have a balanced sound character
  • A superb microphone is compatible with several platforms.


  • Over time, the soft-touch surface on certain components may peel or fade.

2. Philips Audio Philips SHP950 Comfortable Gaming Headphone

Philips SHP950 omfortable Gaming Headphone

Image credit: Philips

The Phillips SHP9500 is an excellent set of the most comfortable gaming headset for those on a tight budget. Its solid but lightweight construction gives it a solid feel. It is wonderfully comfy.

Indeed, they’re not casual headphones that can be worn outside, but they offer an excellent, well-balanced sound.


Potability, design, comfort, build quality, and durability are just a few of its characteristics.


  • Its solid but lightweight construction gives it a solid feel.
  • It is wonderfully comfy.
  • They provide a nice, well-balanced sound that is comparable to that of much more expensive open-back versions.


  • The ear pads are not replaceable.

3. HyperX Cloud Alpha S – Comfortable PC Gaming Headset

HyperX Gaming Headset

Image credit: HyperX

This HyperX Cloud Alpha has been and continues to be one of the best gaming headsets on the market, if not the best. However, it has a few drawbacks, including an average microphone and a lack of extra functions.

For the price, no other headset can compete in terms of sound quality, convenience, and build quality, although it has a few faults. The HyperX Cloud Alpha S represents HyperX’s latest, more feature-rich premium follow-up to the HyperX Cloud Alpha.


  • HyperX 7.1 surround sound system that has been custom-tuned
  • Sliders for adjusting the bass
  • A balance between the game and the conversation
  • Comfortable in the HyperX way
  • Aluminum frame for long-lasting use
  • Mixer with advanced audio control features
  • With a detachable noise-canceling microphone and braided cord


  • Exceptional sound
  • It is compatible with a variety of systems.
  • Bass vents allow for more control over output.


    • Cloud Alpha is less reliable than the regular.

    4. Razer Kraken X Ultralight Gaming Headset

    razer kraken Gaming Headset

    Image credit: Razer

    This most comfortable gaming headset Razer Kraken X headset is designed for gamers on a tight budget, but it can also be used by anybody who requires over-ear headphones with an inbuilt boom mic in their life.

    They are not designed to be taken away from your gaming station. Instead, they come with a specialized audio/mic splitter connection for PCs with separate audio and microphone inputs.

    These are compatible with all operating systems. Use them on your computer, Xbox, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, plus mobile devices, among other platforms.


      • This product is designed for all-day comfort.
      • With a weight of 250 grams, this is the lightweight Kraken headset ever created, making it about 40% lighter than the competition.
      • In-Headset Audio Controls Provide a Variety of Options: There is an analog volume control wheel and a mute mic button for fast and simple changes to the level on the headset.


      • Surround sound on seven channels
      • Temple pressure is relieved by the channels in eyewear.
      • Compatibility across several platforms
      • Onboard control


      • Ear cups do not rotate in their sockets.

      5. Bose QuietComfort 35 Series 2 Comfortable Gaming Headset

      Bose Comfortable Gaming Headset

      Image credit: Bose

      With class-leading noise reduction and balanced sound, the Bose QC35 II demonstrates why the firm is popular among travelers.

      Even though they are not the most precise or exciting-sounding headphones available, they will sound excellent to most listeners. In addition, the inclusion of Google Assistant seems to be a welcome feature, but it is not a need.


      Removable boom mic: This QC35 II Gaming Headset comes with a detachable gaming module that features a boom mic and a mic mute that can be plugged in or out through the 2.5-millimeter connector in seconds. The gaming module is included in the box.

      Noise-rejecting microphone: When used with wired gaming earphones, the Discord or TeamSpeak-certified boom mic suppresses background noise, allowing teammates to hear you clearly and loudly. When in lifestyle function, the built-in microphone technology ensures that calls are listened to even in loud surroundings.

      PC desktop controller (also known as a desktop controller): Increase or decrease the master volume while cycling through four levels on mic monitoring – this allows you to listen to your voice & guarantees that you are not yelling at your colleagues.


      • Noise-canceling that is at the top of its class
      • The sound quality is well-balanced yet soft
      • Extremely comfy


      • There is no immediate mute.

      Part 2: Most Comfortable Wireless Gaming Headset

      6. Logitech G733 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Headset

      Logitech Lightspeed

      Image credit: Logitech

      These Logitech G733 LIGHTSPEED wireless gaming headphones are a great pair of wireless gaming headphones.

      Many customization choices are available via their companion app, which allows you to personalize them even more.

      Unfortunately, they have variable audio transmission, aren’t very portable, and do a terrible job of screening out background noise, among other shortcomings.

      Even with that being stated, they are a wonderful choice for anyone seeking a pair of wireless gaming headphones that are very configurable.


      • With a unique, lightweight design that is also fairly comfortable and also a very well-balanced audio profile
      • They are adaptable enough to be used for listening to a broad range of different types of audio material.


      • The quantity of possibilities available in the companion software is astounding.
      • Wireless latency is rather low.
      • Outstanding noise-handling performance while using a microphone.


      • Control scheme with a limited range of options.

      7. Razer Nari Essential Wireless Comfortable Gaming Headset

      Razer Nari Wireless Comfortable Gaming Headset

      Image credit: Razer

      Razer’s Nari Essential comfortable gaming headset provides good wireless functionality at a reasonable price, making it an excellent value. In addition, the $99.99 headset is compatible with both PCs PlayStation 4 consoles, so it offers a sturdy, comfy design and surprisingly strong sound for its price.

      It also provides 7.1-channel virtual surround sound and a plethora of audio balancing choices, except on PC; if you’re using it with a PS4, you’ll be confined to stereo and the game’s default EQ.

      Despite this, the Nari Essential represents exceptional value for money, earning it our Editors’ Choice award for budget wireless gaming headphones in this category.


      • The Nari Essential is a large, distinctively Razer headset with a distinctive design. The earcups are made of black plastic and are big and spherical, with the Razer logo on the rear panels.
      • All of the connections controls are located on the bottom, and rear edge of both the left earcup, but they include a start button, a micro USB charging connector, an indication LED, and a volume dial.
      • The earcups are attached to spherical rings that allow them to rotate slightly down and up independently of the headband’s flex. The headband comprises two pieces: an upper area made up of two thin, black metal bands that serve as structural elements and a bottom part made up of padding attached on a wire suspension system that provides support.


      • This is a powerful sound.
      • Design that is both sturdy and comfy.
      • Surround sound with 7.1 channels.
      • EQ that the user may customize.
      • This is an excellent microphone.


      • Only the PC version of the game has 7.1-channel surround sound and EQ adjustments.

      8. Corsair Void RGB Elite Wireless Premium Gaming Headset

      Corsair Wireless Gaming Headset

      Image credit: Corsair

      Corsair VOID RGB Elite comfortable gaming headset is a good set of wired gaming earphones that are reasonably priced.

      They are a good choice for PC and PS4 players who want a unique design, a sturdy build quality, as well as a companion app with a wide variety of configuration choices to choose from.


      • The breathable microfiber cloth fabric and velvety memory foam ear cushions are designed to provide long-lasting comfort throughout lengthy gaming sessions.
      • With the bundled USB adaptor, you may wirelessly connect to your PC or PS4 utilizing low-latency 2.4 GHz wireless technology.
      • When you speak, your voice is picked up very clearly by an omnidirectional microphone, which has a flip-up mute feature and an integrated LED mute indication.


      • This product provides incredible value at the $100 price point
      • Excellent microphone.
      • Long battery life;


      • The surround sound set has a muddy sound.

      9. ASTRO Gaming A20 Comfortable Wireless Headset

      ASTRO Wireless Headset

      Image credit: ASTRO

      It has long been considered the gold standard among wireless most comfortable headphones for gaming, and the Astro A20 is no exception.

      Because of its great voice clarity, excellent connection, and plug-and-play USB dongle, it has long become the go-to gaming headphone for those who don’t want to spend a lot of money on a headset.


      • USB transmitter designed specifically for consoles, allowing for simple cross-platform interoperability.
      • The built-in battery has a life span of more than 15 hours, and it can be charged through a USB-C connector on the side of the device.
      • With the flip-to-mute microphone, you may quickly and easily silence the microphone.


      • Design that is simple to use
      • Excellent mid-range audio quality
      • Microphone with a lift-to-mute function
      • It is possible to use many platforms (with two dongles)


      • A rubber cushion is used on the bridge.

      10. SOMIC 2.4G Wireless Gaming Headset with Microphone

      SOMIC Gaming Headset

      Image credit: SOMIC

      The use of a high-quality 50MM driver increases the sensitivity of a speaker unit, resulting in improved sound quality, an outstanding gaming experience, and the ability to immerse yourself in action fully.

      In addition to PC, PS4, and Mac, OMIC wireless comfortable gaming headset works well with many devices. PC, PS4, smartphone, mobile devices, or Xbox One are all compatible with a 3.5mm cable.

      Enjoy an uninterrupted experience for up to 10 hours by connecting through a USB transmitter at 2.4GHz with only a range of up to 33ft.


      • Design of high quality: It is possible to switch between background music for game/video/live broadcast with a single click, thanks to the integrated controls in the ear shells. Large, soft earmuffs made of breathable leather that reduce hearing impairment while also providing a long-lasting, pleasant wearing experience are available.
      • The connection may be made by wireless or wired means. Because of its superior connection speed and reliability over Bluetooth, the 2.4ghz connection may be made via a USB dongle. Throughout the game, players should hear sound with minimal delay
      • The microphone is removable and adaptable in its use, allowing for high-quality conversation while gaming. In addition, speech with excellent clarity may be used in a wide range of voice situations because of its versatility.


      • The sound is really powerful.
      • Design that is both strong and comfy.


      • The cord is too short for the LED.

      Part 3: Why You Need a Comfortable Gaming Headset?

      The finest gaming headphones are essential whether you’re playing one of the finest PC games, including some of the finest free games, or even a brand-new indie release.

      However, although the greatest computer speakers do their role, only a headset can allow you to play during the night without annoying or bothering anyone in your immediate vicinity.

      They also include several gaming-specific capabilities that are only accessible in a high-quality headset, such as a fantastic built-in microphone, RGB illumination, and digital surround sound.

      Part 4: How to Choose a Comfortable Gaming Headset

      One hour of gaming isn’t going to do you any good. For this reason, it is necessary that the headphone not only functions well but also allows you to wear them comfortably for an extended period. There are a couple of factors that you might consider before making your choices.


      When selecting a headset that is right for you, the headband is among the most crucial considerations. The headset’s weight is supported on your head by the headband; therefore, it must be durable and adequately adjustable so that it does not push on your ears or the top of your head. The fact that you no longer know you’re wearing a headset is an excellent indication of its quality.


      Look for three characteristics in the earcups when selecting a headset: the form, the material, and whether the design is open or closed. Round, on-ear ear cups are an ideal alternative if you have tiny ears and want a compact gaming headset.

      Part 5: FAQ about Comfortable Gaming Headsets

1. What is the most comfortable gaming headset?

It is the best headset if a headset provides a better cushion to your ears and you can participate in seamless and comfortable gaming. In our list of most comfortable headphones for gaming, we recommend Razor Kraken X and Bose QuietComfort 35 Series 2 because of their sturdy finish and comfortable wear designs.

2. What is the most comfortable wireless gaming headset?

We recommend Razor Nari essential in our wireless category of most comfortable gaming headsets.

3. What are the different gaming headset ear pad types

Here are the different materials of the cushion pad that you need to know. Authentic Leather. Protein Leather. Suede. Velour. Vinyl Leather.

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