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Top 10 Quote Apps for Android and iPhone in 2020

Ever thought of life without quotes? Doesn’t quotes inspire us, motivate us, and sometime behave as if they are our best friends? People never realize that their entire life is filled with quotes.

And fortunately, there are apps available both for Android and iPhone users. If you are wondering why you need quote apps, then it is equivalent to wondering, why someone needs oxygen. Life without quotes is simply incomplete.

This is the reason why we have handpicked ten best Android and iPhone quote apps for you. Let’s get to know them one by one.

Part 1: 10 Best Quote Apps for Android
Part 2: 10 Best quote apps for iPhone

Part 1: 10 Best Quote Apps for Android

1. Daily Motivational Quotes

Daily Motivational Quotes app is a free Android app which will let you read daily motivational quotes. Features

  • Free motivational quotes every day.
  • Access to 1000 instant inspirational quotes to feel motivated right away.
  • Change daily schedule time for motivational quotes pop-ups.

Daily Motivational Quotes

Image credit: Daily Motivational Quotes

2. Inspirational Quotes Free

Inspirational Quotes is yet another free motivational quotes apps available exclusively for Android users. You can use it to brighten your day whenever you feel low. Features

  • Lovely inspirational quotes with beautiful images.
  • Easy to navigate app.
  • Daily update available.

Inspirational Quotes Free

Image credit: Inspirational Quotes Free


3. Motivational Quotes– Daily quote for self-care

If you are dealing with low self-esteem and depression and you need an extra push, then Motivational Quotes- Daily quote for self-care is the ideal choice for you. You can download it for free online. Features

  • More than hundreds of daily quotes available.
  • You can share as well save these quotes.
  • You can filter quotes by categories as well.

Motivational Quotes

Image credit: Motivational Quotes

4. Positive Life Quotes

If you need daily dose of positivity in your life, then download Positive Life Quote from Android’s Play Store today. Stay positive and wake up with a lot of positivity. This simple to use app has a lot of positive and quality quotes for you. Try the app out today! Features

  • An easy to use interface and simple app
  • More than hundred mood uplifting quotes for you.
  • Beautiful quotes with even charming background images.

Positive Life Quotes

Image credit: Positive Life Quotes

5. Amazing Life Lesson Quotes

Life teaches us many things. Sometimes we embrace these lessons, and sometimes apps like Amazing Life Lesson Quotes help us learn important things in life. Each day is a new day and we should always learn something new daily. This is the reason why we have this amazing app for free downloading. Features

  • New life lesson quotes daily
  • A massive collection of beautiful quotes
  • Downloading, share, and copy quotes feature available.

Amazing Life Lesson Quotes

Image credit: Amazing Life Lesson Quotes

Part 2: 10 Best quote apps for iPhone

6. Daily Quote

When nothing seems to be right and you are struggling to keep your head straight, then all you need is the support of Daily Quotes app to read about new daily quotes. Let this app be your reminder that you are worth it. Features

  • Receive daily quotes to get inspired.
  • Read some of the most popular quotes.
  • Motivational, success and positive quotes.

Daily Quote

Image credit: Daily Quote

7. Quotes Creator- Quote Maker

If you love to write and would love to share your thoughts with the world and inspire others, then Quotes Creator is the best quotes app for you. Use this software to inspire someone and get inspired. Features

  • More than 55 amazing fonts available for users and attractive background images.
  • Photo editing features
  • Set shadow in text, change background colour, and share in social media accounts.

Quotes Creator

Image credit: Quotes Creator- Quote Maker

8. 11000 Daily Quotes and Sayings

What can be better than starting your day with daily inspirational quotes. Read quotes written by some of the most famous people. Let their kind and gentle words be a blessing for you. Features

  • Read more than 11,000 free quotes
  • Quoted shared with beautiful background images.
  • Select your favourite quotes and save.

11000 Daily Quotes and Sayings

Image credit: 11000 Daily Quotes and Sayings


The Quotes app available exclusively for iPhone users was featured in iTunes as the “New and Noteworthy”. If you are lacking some inspiration in your life, then you have to download this app in your iPhone right away. Features

  • Most interesting collection of quotes ever.
  • Get quotes delivered to your home screen automatically.
  • Beautiful background images.



Image credit: Quotes

10. Brilliant Quotes

Brilliant Quotes is a must-download quotes app available for iPhone users. You will find quotes quoted by some of the most popular philosophers, thinkers, and actors. Download this app for free in your iPhone and get your daily dose of inspiration. Features

  • Hand-picked daily quotes.
  • You can browse quotes through different category and authors.
  • You can vote for different quotes as well.

Brilliant Quotes

Image credit: Brilliant Quotes


Here are our handpicked best quote apps for you for both iPhone and Android users. Download the ones that you like the most and make yourself feel better. Everyone deserves to feel good about themselves and we hope these apps will keep you happier and merrier. Happy quoting.