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8 Best Random Number Generator Apps on Android and iPhone (Free to Use)

Have you ever thought to generate a random number on your Android and iPhone? With free random number generator apps, you will have so much fun when dicing and generating pin number. The good thing is there are so many random number generator apps in the market. However, some of them are predictable when producing a number.

In this article, we have listed 8 best truly random number generator apps on Android and iPhone. Some of them are even free to use.

Part 1: 8 Best random number generator apps on Android

1. Generator

Excellent number generator for people who want to have lucky feature. You just need to press the feeling lucky screen. You can also tap on the number to make another random number. Some people thought this app won’t generate truly random numbers, but according the feedback, the endless loops are proved to be real and without prediction. Features

  • It includes quick number history, so you can track each number it generates
  • It has different screens to generate various types of number
  • The loops are speedy and interesting to use


Image credit: Generator

2. Random Generator

It is an easy-to-use random number generator app on Android for everyone. More than numbers, you can also use it to generate a password. Each time, it is totally random numbers by tapping the lucky wheel. For dice, the maximum you can use is 9 dices. For drawing, you can also import the name list from the saved player list. So convenient! Features

  • Support 10 interface language to use including English, German and Portuguese
  • You can generate 4 random number each time
  • It supports making roulette for fun

random generator

Image credit: Random Generator

3. Randomizer – random generator

Randomizer is a lift saver for people who want to generate lucky numbers quickly. You can choose the winner number at first, and then get it by tap the start icon to easily generate numbers. All numbers are generated randomly. Features

  • Drawing lots, numbers, colors and letters are available
  • You can set the number raging to generate numbers
  • If you like, random dates help you decide the lucky date to go out



Image credit: Randomizer

4. Number Generator

This ads-free random number generator app will give you 4 options to access random numbers, lottery, pin codes, and dice. If you don’t want to spend too much time to think about which type you want to choose, just use lucky touch to generate numbers to see what can you get. Besides, you can also check the history numbers. Features

  • Quick shortcuts for each screen to save your time
  • This app is stable to use on different Android system
  • It only generates 3 different numbers each time

number generator

Image credit: Number Generator

Part 2: 8 Best random number generator apps on iPhone

5. The Random Number Generator

The best part of this random number generator app is you can customize its interface, so you can always get the best user-friendly experience. It uses advanced algorithms to help you generate real random numbers without trick. You can also set the maximum and minimum number to have the result. Features

  • Smooth usage on iPhone and iPad
  • It is available to track the history number generated
  • Updated regularly for free

The Random Number Generator

Image credit: The Random Number Generator

6. Fast Random Number Generator

Just choose this one if you want to generate random numbers quickly, even in multi-tasks condition. In a specific range that you set it will generate a random number. After generating, you can also share it with other apps if those support text sharing. Other than that, email sharing is also available. Features

  • You can use a delimiter to separate generated numbers
  • This app can remember the most recent used parameters
  • Choose whether repeating numbers are included in the result

Fast Random Number Generator

Image credit: Fast Random Number Generator



This app can generate a truly random number with lab resting results. You can choose more than 100 coin types to flip coin each time. Integer generator is the function to help you in producing popular numbers. You can also use dices up to six at one time to have some fun. Features

  • The various numbers are generated quickly
  • Many users say it is stable to use
  • Sadly, it doesn’t support Apple Watch

random org

Image credit: RANDOM.ORG

8. Random Number Generator

It is a totally free app to use on the iPhone, so you don’t need to worry about any purchased-in feature. After you generate a number, you can also copy and paste it to share it with your friends. So convenient to use. Features

  • The background color will change each time you generate a number,
  • You can customize the number range each time
  • It is easy to use, but the functions are limited.

Random Number Generator

Image credit: Random Number Generator


All the above are random number generator apps on iPhone and Android. Some of them are totally free to use. Part of them supports tracking history numbers and generates numbers in a quick way, while others will give you more customizable features, so you can decide which one you want to use. Just choose one number generate to have a try!