20 Best Christmas Books for Kids and Toddlers 2021

Without Grinch, no Christmas season is complete. We all know that books are friends of all time. Children can enjoy reading books at any time of the day and anywhere.

With the holiday season comes, people are having more chances to enjoy children’s Christmas books. Moreover, reading is essential to improve their comprehension and vocabulary. You will love the following 20 Christmas books for kids.

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Part 1: Best Christmas Books for Kids

1. How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Christmas book for kids

Image credit: How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Right from the start, this little and interesting book grabs a child by the imagination. It does not allow them to move from their place until they finish it. Waking up to the tinkling sounds of bells and they will enjoy it all the time. Dr Seuss is the writer of the book, and this book has been translated into thirty languages. Christmas is an ideal time to share inspirational stories boasting the meaning of the holiday and themes of love.

2. Little Blue Truck Christmas

Little Blue Truck Christmas children book

Image credit: Little Blue Truck Christmas

Let your child enjoy reading the children’s Christmas books because it spreads happiness by offering Christmas trees to his animal peers. They will need your help in counting each tree from one to five back again. They will enjoy this favor a lot. Do not miss this opportunity and make some memorable moments in your life, with the signature illustration and gentle rhythm that made Little Blue Truck a wonderful name. You will make your Christmas memorable all the time.

3. 5 More Sleeps ‘til Christmas

5 More Sleeps ‘til Christmas books for children

Image credit: 5 More Sleeps ‘til Christmas

If you are looking for a Christmas book for kids that make their Christmas exclusive, then this book is the right option for you. It is about a boy who becomes more excited as the holidays approach him. With his sister and a blue dog, he decorates, bakes cookies, enjoys candy canes and hot chocolates in preparation for Santa’s visit. Every night he struggles to fall asleep, and every night something magical happens once he does. The book is highly interesting for the majority of the kids.

4. A Coronavirus Christmas

A Coronavirus Christmas

Image credit: A Coronavirus Christmas

The Christmas books for toddlers are an interesting and useful story that is according to the present time. The majority of the kids find it amazing. The writer has beautifully described the story. This beautifully illustrated positive and sweet book describes how to navigate the Christmas season safely.

5. Dasher


Image credit: Dasher

This is the right option for your little adventurer. Dasher is a young reindeer having a wish in her heart. In a traveling circus, she spends her days with her family in the hot sun. This is one of the best Christmas books that can provide high-quality fiction and interesting texts for kids. They will love reading or hearing the stories if you are telling them.

6. The Lights in the Church

christams book for children

Image credit: The Lights in the Church

This Christmas book is about a boy and a girl who has lost in the park. Both the brother and sister were searching their way in the forest, and they found a church in the middle of the forest. They went closer to the church, and they walk closer to the doors and windows. These were closed and were not opening for them. But as hymns are heard, they approached the windows, and they come to life. Now, the story of miracles starts from here. Your children will enjoy Christmas books for toddlers.

7. Freddie The Farting Snowman

Freddie Christmas books for kids

Image credit: Freddie The Farting Snowman

It is time to tell a unique but funny Christmas book to your kids. They will enjoy no doubt. Freddie is a snowman to learn the hysterical things to fart. It is a part of his life. It will make your day when you will see your smiling kids. They will love hearing this story, and you will like to enjoy the sight of their smiling face. It is an interesting book for people of all ages.

8. Fritz the Farting Reindeer

Fritz the Farting Reindeer christmas book

Image credit: Fritz the Farting Reindeer

It is completely a new thing and the story of a farting snowman. This story will make your kids rolling on the floor with laughter. You will enjoy this site when they laugh in front of you. Make your festival full of fun and entertainment. We all know that fun and humor can do wonder about the sad and serious environment. The majority of people like to spend some time with their kids, and this is the best thing that can make your time more creative and positive.

9. How To Catch An Elf

How To Catch An Elf

Image credit: How To Catch An Elf

You will love to make your festival memorable, and to increase its fun you must spend some time with your kids with the Christmas books for kids. Yes, have got to gather with them in the lounge and tell this story to them. It would help if you were friendly and cooperative with them so that this book will help you make fun.

10. The Berenstain Bears and the Joy of Giving

The Berenstain Bears and the Joy of Giving

Image credit: The Berenstain Bears and the Joy of Giving

It can be the best book to read on Christmas to pass kid’s free time. Your kids learn many things from the Christmas book because of its attention-grabbing text. A growing child is exploring new things as there are different changes happen in their body and mind. They are looking at the world in a new way. They compare the following parenting styles like permissive, authoritative, authoritarian, and neglectful. So, this is the book that meets their standards of interest.

11. A Silly Milly Christmas

Christmas book for kids

Image credit: A Silly Milly Christmas

Are you looking for Christmas books for preschoolers? It is an amazing Christmas book that can make your Christmas memorable this year. If you want your child to be respectful and knowledgeable about the customs and traditions of the festival, then this is the best book for them to read. You need to adopt friendly behavior with your kids and have a sitting in their room and tell the story in the book. Guide them in a friendly way and not leave a gap that can promote them towards the wrong side. This is the age when children do not like to follow strict rules, so you need to be friendly with them. It is the best way to make fun.

12. The Polar Express

The Polar Express

Image credit: The Polar Express

It is a mysterious story about a boy who has boarded a mysterious train waiting for him. It was Polar Express bound for the North Pole. Santa gives him gifts when he arrives at the destination. The boy asks him modestly for a bell from the harness of the reindeers. It could be the best gift for him. Reading this book for your kids in the evening of Christmas will be a fun-loving activity.

13. There Was a Cold Lady Who Swallowed Some Snow

Christmas book for kids

Image credit: There Was a Cold Lady Who Swallowed Some Snow

It is one of the interesting Christmas books for preschoolers that you have read before. The story is about a woman who has swallowed snow. The writer has excitingly described the situation. You must have family time and show your affection to them. Tell them that you are waiting for them to sit and play. Telling this story to your kids or reading it with them will improve their cognitive skills.

14. Weird But True Christmas

Weird But True Christmas

Image credit: Weird But True Christmas

This is an exciting story about Christmas. The majority of the kids love to hear Christmas stories. It is one of the best time-pass. Your kids will love hearing it from you. Listen to them and discuss their routine. Your friendly company will make them healthy, positive, and creative. They will learn about ethics and manners on how to celebrate festivals.

Part 2: Best Christmas Books for Toddlers

15. Bear Stays Up for Christmas

Bear Stays Up for Christmas

Image credit: Bear Stays Up for Christmas

Wondering what Christmas would be if bear stays up for it? It may involve some issues there. Collect some chocolates and Christmas sweets around you because the interesting story will do magic on your mood. Enjoy sweets with the story reading as well as illustrations on the Christmas books for kids.

16. Nonni’s Moon

Christmas books for kids

Image credit: Nonni’s Moon

It is time to describe the moon that belongs to Nonni. Who is Nonni, and what is the story of the moon? No, we are not going to give any clue about the story. It will be much more fun-loving if you read it on your own. This is one of the best Christmas books in which illustrations are beautifully described. It contains all the content that can grab your kid’s attention.

17. Christmas in the Manger

Christmas in the Manger

Image credit: Christmas in the Manger

It is a story about Christmas in the Manger. No doubt, this is a unique story, and your children will love hearing it. Make fun with them and learn about the celebration of the festival.

18. The Berenstain Bears and the Joy of Giving

Christmas books for kids

Image credit: The Berenstain Bears and the Joy of Giving

Learn more about this Christmas book for kids. It is the time to describe the true meaning of Christmas to your young ones. This book is the right option for you. The child discovers that this festival is more than receiving gifts. It will take them nearer to the customs and tradition. You will enjoy reading this book with them.

19. Christmas Songs: Interactive Children Sound Book

Christmas Songs

Image credit: Christmas Songs

Reading and describing the Christmas songs to kids will be great for you. The majority of people love spending time with their kids. It is the best activity for your kids that improve your bonding with them.

20. The Family Under the Bridge

Christmas books for kids

Image credit: The Family Under the Bridge

It is the best Christmas book for kids. The amazing and heartwarming Newbery Honour-winning book about searching for family in different places is ideal to have fun. It features beautiful artwork by illustrator Garth Williams. This fantastic and interesting book is worth reading.

Part3: FAQ of Christmas Books for Kids and Toddlers

Should 2-year-old know ABCs?

Toddlers who begin reading some letters can say or sing the ABC song loudly. At this age, they use to teach some letters, and they start recognizing about half the letters in the alphabet. For the majority of the kids, this song is their 1st introduction to the alphabet. It is the first rhyme that they say from memory. Twenty-six letters are related to the sounds in the language. Knowing these letters is the fundamental skill need to learn how to read. At the age of 2-years, a child cannot recognize ABC completely, but they learn the rhyme without any recognition.

What should a 2-year-old know educationally?

At this age, a toddler should be able to kick a ball, stand on tiptoes, run, several toys while walking, carry a large toy, throw a ball, and do many other physical activities. They can hold a pencil and try to tear the paper. However, they become successful in tearing books, but they cannot write down or recognize the letters. You can provide them with colors and pages to color images and pictures, but they prefer to use paints. So, this is the age when children are trying to learn to improve their motor skills and bending their wrists in different styles. It improves their writing skill in the future.

How do toddlers make Christmas magical?

Who will not enjoy running small kids around? If you want to make your Christmas wonderful, then you should not ignore your kids. You must do things that your kids love like enjoying fun land, visiting parks, or arranging a kid’s party at home. It will be the best option for them because they will love to play with their peers. A pizza and chocolate party are a wonderful concept to make your Christmas magical this year. One more idea in this regard is to dictate a letter. It is a wonderful memory, and you can keep your children’s letters with their baby books.


Book reading is highly beneficial for the majority of children. It prevents decline as a personage because this habit fights depression symptoms. There are several Christmas books for preschoolers, kids, and children. It is the best activity of your free time, and it improves their cognition as well as mental skills. It empowers them to empathize with other people.

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