Best Harry Potter Books for Kids from 6 to 10 Recommendation

Except you are living in the underworld, you must have heard of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter. This fantasy novel inspired many young readers to love the art of writing. Even kids want to read the series of Harry Potter.

One thing that made Harry Potter stand out from other books of its kind is the unusual decision of the author to grow the characters. Usually, the characters in great books remain the same age forever, but in this series, we are growing with Harry Potter throughout his journey in life.

Luckily, you can find Harry Potter books for kids in the market. In this article, we are looking at these great harry potter books for kids recommended ages between six to ten years old.

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Harry Potter Books for 6 Years Old

We begin our recommendations with those for six-year-old kids. We are looking at the book Harry Potter and philosopher stone.

Harry Potter and The Philosopher Stone

Release date: June 1997

It is advised that parents and kids read this book together. In this kids’ book, we are told the story of Harry Potter’s early life. His aunt and uncle raised Harry Potter.

However, he was constantly abused by them and bullied by his cousin Dudley. He has been living with his uncle and his wife since his pare ts died.

A letter changed Harry Potter’s life at 11 years old. The letter was brought to him by Rubeus Hagrid, a half-giant. His uncle and aunty destroyed previous letters from the school. Hagrid introduced Harry to the world of Wizardry after he brought him to Diagon Alley. He also explained to Harry that both his parents were witches and wizards. He also told him how they were killed by a powerful dark wizard called Lord Voldemort.

Lord Voldemort couldn’t kill Harry, and he lost his powers in the process. Later he was banished. Harry later received his gifts left to him by his dead parents, and from there went to live in the Hogwarts School.

In school, he ends up protecting the philosopher’s stone and through that prevents Lord Voldemort from coming back to power.

Harry Potter Books for 7 Years Old

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Release date: July 1998

In this second book for kids, Harry Potter has spent a year in the Hogwarts School. He spends his summer in Dursleys without receiving a letter from his friends back in Hogwarts. Harry in his room, meets an elf, Dobby. This elf warns him of danger that will happen if he returns to Hogwarts. Dobby then told him that he is the one who destroyed his friend’s letters so he won’t go back to school.

Later, Harry was locked up by the Dursleys, but was then saved by Ron Weasley and his brothers. Later Harry meets Hagrid and Harmione Granger. Together they attend a book event. Later Harry and Ron fly back to school.

In school, Harry is detained alongside Ron. They found all victims are paralyzed. Harry, alongside Ron, and Hermione meet the caretaker cat who tells them that “the chamber of secrets has been opened. Enemies of the heir, beware”.

Harry and friends learn the story of the chambers from Cuthbert Binns, who is a professor of history magic. He told them that Slytherin built the chambers. Slytherin believed people with non-magical parentage shouldn’t be given admission into the school. Harry and Ron, after a series of failures, finally open the chambers and learns the secret of the chambers. In the end, he saves the school.

Harry Potter Books for 8 Years Old

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Release date: 1999

This book was published in 1998. The author J.K. Rowling said she found the book easy to write. In this third book, we see Harry going back to the Dursley’s for the summer holidays. After getting insulted by aunt Marge, Harry uses magic on her and runs away from home. Thinking he will be expelled from school for using magic outside school.

Before he left for Hogwarts. He is told about Arthur Weasley that Sirius Black is a convicted murderer from the world of wizards that black has escaped from the wizard prison Azkaban to kill Harry.

Harry gets back to school, and an attack is made on his life by black. Harry, through his conversation with professor Lupin, learns about the dementor’s hood. In the end Harry learns the truth about black and about the betrayal, as well as the cause of their death. Although this is book is a bit short. It is a fantastic read for kids.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Release date: 2000

This book came a year after the previous one. It is a bit larger than it’s predecessor, over 600 pages. During the last three kids books, Harry Potter struggled with the responsibility of growing up.

This fourth book starts with Harry having a dream where Lord Voldemort murders the Muggle caretaker in an abandoned house. Afterward, Harry and Harmione are invited to watch the quidditch world cup. After the match, the camp is attacked by followers of Lord Voldemort. The loss and discovery of Harry’s wand led to the dismissal of the house-elf, winky.

Going back to school, a new defense against the dark arts teacher was announced. A tournament is also announced by Professor Dumbledore. The goblet of fire chooses the participants in the tournament.

Harry is magically chosen as the fourth participate. Something that caused protests among the students and lead to the end of his friendship with Ron.

The tournament itself ends with Harry finishing last. Like other books in the series, the moral compass is introduced in all the talk about Wizardry and magic.

Harry Potter Books for 9 Years Old

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Release date: June,2003

Before the start of his fifth year in Hogwarts, Harry was expelled from school for performing magic out the school. He was asked in a letter sent to him to appear before the Ministry of Magic. Stating self – defense, he was cleared of all charges.

The ministry of magic denied that Lord Voldemort has returned. However, a secret society has been established called the order of Phoenix. The aim is to fight Voldemort. Voldemort was rumored to have returned and rebuilt his army of eaters.

The school gets a new defense against the dark art teacher. She is also spying for the ministry. Harry, Hermione, and Ron form a student group to prepare for the return of Voldemort.

Harry had a vision of Sirius, his godfather being in danger, and goes to the department of mysteries. He discovers it is a trap set by Voldemort. A fight starts between the Dumbledore army and the death eaters until the order of Phoenix arrives. His cousin kills Sirius. The death eaters are captured and Voldemort runs. It is a bit of dark for kids to read this book.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Release date: July 2005

This is the sixth kids book in the Harry Potter series. This book was set in the sixth year of his stay in Hogwarts.

A member of the order of the Phoenix meets Draco’s mother and her sister. Who are faithful supporters of Lord Voldemort? She tells Draco’s mother, Narcissa that she is worried that her son may die during one of the missions that Lord Voldemort send him on. Both women assure that they will protect her son and won’t let anything happen to him. On Harry’s journey back to school, Dumbledore take him to see one of the former teachers in the school. Harry convince him to return to teach. The next day after returning, the result of their O.W.L exam is released. They are given the result alongside their school supplies.

Harry suspects Draco’s if being a death eater, and tells Ron and Hermione Granger. They both disagree since he had no evidence. Harry decides to look at evidence and finds one. He overhears Draco bragging about the missions he does for Voldemort. Harry is caught and saved by Nymphadora Tonks.

A new defense against the dark arts is appointed for the year. Former teacher, slughon returns as portion teacher. Harry I good at portion because he inherited a book of portion from someone called the “ half-bloodd prince”. A former student that wrote tips in spells that sometimes goes against their books.

Harry also learns more about his enemy, Voldemort, and discovers a secret about him.

Harry Potter Books for 10 Years Old

Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows

Release date: July, 2007

This is the seventh and the last book in the Harry Potter series. It starts with a dark scene at the Malfoy’s. Here, Voldemort is waiting to receive a report on the whereabouts of Harry Potter from Snape. The dark lord has returned to power and he is threatening to kill anyone, even those in the Muggle world. Harry convinced his aunt and uncle to hide. As they depart, Dudley shows his appreciation to Harry for saving his life.

The order of Phoenix arrives to get Harry to safety. However, they are attacked by the death eaters.

Harry, Ron, and Hermione run to the Weasley. During a wedding ceremony there, the death eaters attack the Weasley’s. After they manage to escape, the trio begins to Liv like nomads. They move around to find the Horcruxes of Voldemort, so they destroy it. With cooperation, Harry and his friends destroy the remaining Horcruxes and return to Hogwarts for the final battle against Voldemort.

Harry defeats Voldemort and restores peace. In an epilogue, we see the trio after 19 years. Ron and Hermione are married as well as Harry and Ginny. They have three children.

FAQ about Harry Potter Books for Kids

What age is appropriate for Harry Potter books?

As a fan of Harry Potter, it is hard not to encourage kids to read this series. The main attraction of the series to kids is at the beginning of the series. Therefore, children from first graders to kindergarten want to read this book, even though some of them can’t read it.

In conclusion, there is no right age for a child to read the Harry Potter series. It depends on the ability of the child to understand what he is reading. Although, Harry Potter is technically classified as a mid-grade read.

What is the difference between Harry Potter children’s edition?

The most straightforward difference to spot is that of the Harry Potter covers. The reason for this is that adults didn’t feel comfortable picking a book that has children characters on its cover. They wanted something more mature, and that is what the publishers tried to change in the fifth book.


Harry Potter for kids is a great read. It is the most popular fantasy novel on the planet. Kids will make them fall in love with reading. For everyone who has read the series, valuable lessons are learned. After reading the reviews here, please go and pick up the series to read.

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