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8 Websites to Find Best Sound Effects for Video Editing [Free]

Video editing is becoming increasingly popular, particularly among the influencers determined to increase their social media followings. TikTok, for example, is bringing a whole new interest into editing, with tremendous volumes of video footage being produced every day.

Whether you are an old pro or new to the video editing game, you will face the same hurdle when it comes to finding the best sound effects for you. At the end of the day: your footage could be perfectly edited, but if the sound isn’t crisp, it won’t make a jot of a difference.

8 Websites to find the best sound effects

With all of this in mind, we sought out the top 10 websites to find the best sound effects for your film – and all for free!

1. Motion Array

Motion Array

Image credit: Motion Array

Motion Array is a website that features an unlimited online marketplace for finding the best sound effects. As well as letting you collaborate with other producers, this handy website allows you to build your editing showreel by way of an added portfolio builder section. Motion Array also includes an online library that helps you learn all the most up-to-date techniques. The downside of this website is that some features need to be paid for – but that doesn’t take anything away from the wealth of free sounds they have.

Features of Motion Array:

  • Thousands of free sounds available for download
  • Online library and portfolio building tools
  • Collaboration with other video makers and a pro editing forum

2. Audio Jungle

sound effects Audio Jungle

Image credit: Audio Jungle

Another of the best sound effects websites online is Audio Jungle. This site allows online tutorials in just about every editing-related subject, connects you with website building tools such as WordPress (the free website creation program), and can even factor logos and stock images into your footage. With various audios for games, pop music, cartoons, introductions, and even computer-based sounds, it never leaves you short of the right effect.

Features of Audio Jungle:

  • Access to several graphics, apply your logo or build a website all through one platform
  • Unlimited downloads with access to over 2000 artists for custom projects (paid)
  • Templates, aftereffects editing, and audio editing included

3. Storyblocks


Image credit: Storyblocks

Although not completely free, Storyblocks has some fantastic price points for the best sound effects you can find. They manage to keep subscriptions low since they use royalty-free sound effects. With that low subscription, you get access to unlimited downloads from their database. They include loops that are already figured out, which is always a bonus. They have a wide variety of instruments on file. Still, there is an equally vast library of sound effects, not to mention that the music is sorted into manageable categories you can easily search.

Features of Storyblocks:

  • They include loops on a diverse range of instruments
  • Sound/music collections based on themes and moods
  • Video and imagery help included in this platform

4. Pond5


Image credit: Pond5

Pond5 is an established-but-expanding website for finding some of the best sound effects available online. They have a low subscription cost coupled with some excellent categories. Where other sites categorize in terms of the type of sound effect, they dive straight into movie types. You can find cinematic sounds, ambient background noise, or dramatic scores all in a few clicks. The searchability of their site is incredible. You can type in a mood, a feeling, an instrument, or any other keyword, and it brings you options!

Features of Pond5:

  • Quickly the most searchable site to find the best sound effects for your movie
  • 3D models, images, and aftereffects all on the same site
  • A healthy selection of stock footage for those scene-setting shots

5. Soundsnap


Image credit: Soundsnap

On soundsnap, the best sound effects are sorted by location, how recently they were uploaded, and other tags. The fact that you can search by how long ago the sound was created testifies to the fact that new material is added all the time. They have a specific section dedicated to High def sounds, which is what makes this website that little bit extra special. They also include some ‘specials,’ which feature particular sound designers or artists most sought after… another nice touch. All in all, Soundsnap feels like the high-end alternative with a reasonable price.

Features of Soundsnap:

  • Sought after sound effects and creators are elevated to your attention
  • High definition sound effects section with end-to-end audio (including selection menu music)
  • Over 2 million users with a growing library of nearly 300,000 sounds to choose from

6. Envato


Image credit: Envato

Some of the best sound effects available are royalty-free, making for a cheap-to-free subscription. Envato Elements mixes both in one seamless site, capable of finding just about any noise you need. Included in a low subscription fee, you have access to stock video footage, video templates, graphic templates, presentation templates, web addons, etc. The Envato team provide one of the most comprehensive plans for the pro video editor or the budding student.

Features of Envato:

  • Envato provides a comprehensive mix of stock video and the best sound effects
  • Presentations are included, to cover pitches to relevant parties
  • Photos, fonts, and website building help are all included

7. Free Sound Effects

Free Sound Effects

Image credit: Free Sound Effects

For those that only use their editing software once in a while, it might not be the best idea to opt for a subscription-based service. If you want some of the best sound effects that are entirely free, you need to turn to the Free Sound Effects team. They have a smaller library than the others, at roughly 100,000 sounds, but they are licensed for commercial use. This means corporate filmmakers are safe to proceed with publishing their sounds.

Features of Free Sound Effects:

  • Entirely free sound effects section for those that edit part-time
  • VIP paid accounts can access blocks of sound effects
  • Risk-free commercial sound effects (fully licensed)

8. Soundcloud


Image credit: Soundcloud

Arguably the most famous of the best sound effects websites is Soundcloud. The makers of this site live and breathe music, sound effects, and even podcasts. It is a well-known firm for finding and making playlists, but A Sound Effect, from Soundcloud, is an excellent suite for sound effects. Better yet, since some of you will already have a subscription for music, you can get A Sound effect suite as part of it—something to think about if you edit often.

Features of Soundcloud:

  • A Sound Effect has a massive online library that is ever-expanding
  • Access to music, playlists, and podcasts
  • Join with your Facebook or Google accounts

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