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How to Add Subtitle/Captions to YouTube [3 Ways]

With the online content reach getting more and more intense, video contents are on the rise, and YouTubers, Video bloggers, etc. can now reach the global audience instantly with these social platforms’ help.

However, the competition is fierce, and to fare out of the crowd, you need to hone the necessary know-how to increase your reach and make your content more viewer-friendly.

One of the popular and effective ways is to add closed captions and subtitles to your video. These aspects may seem trivial but inevitably impact your audience’s reach and meet your viewers’ crossing native language and geographical limits.

Part 1: Do Subtitles Affect YouTube SEO

A basic understanding of the SEO would reveal that how Google works and how using the right keywords allow Google to index your content. The Video content works slightly differently but basically on the same principles.

Understanding how to add subtitles to YouTube can work in favor of you. Further understanding of how it increases your reach can bring more intention and focus to it, making it an integral part of your Video making exercise.

Using subtitles is the primary strategy for YouTube SEO. Using caption and transcripts to your video, you allow Google to crawl up the video’s content and index it for better search. This is not possible just with the Title or the short description that it may have.

Using the transcripts, closed captions are nothing but a textual representation of the video. You are making use of Google indexing to increase your video reach by giving google text-based content.

Part 2: How to Add Subtitle/Captions to YouTube

The steps on how to add subtitles to YouTube are very simple, and anyone would be able to do it by following the below steps.

Step 1: Navigate to the YouTube Studio page and choose the video you would like to add subtitles to. You can find all the videos under the upload tab. Select the intended video.

Step 2: Find the ‘More Options’ tab and within it go to the ‘Subtitle and CC for Original Language’ option

Step 3: Under the Language Option for Video Language says that English clicks on the dotted spot to reveal the three options in a new prompt. These options are Edit on Classic Studio, Download, Delete. Select the first option Edit on Classic Studio.

Step 4: The page will direct you to YouTube Studio Subtitles Editor. Here the subtitle will be generated automatically by YouTube with the timestamp. Select Edit at the top right corner.

Step 5: Check the consistency of the subtitle by playing different sections of the video. Here you can edit spellings, punctuations, etc.

Step 6: The bar below the video shows the timing of the subtitles. You can adjust by dragging it short or long to synch with the audio timing.

Step 7: You can also use keyboard shortcuts to edit the video. Shift with left/right/up/down/enter/space. you can do the editing work much faster. Now, you are done.

Part 3: How to Add Srt File to YouTube Video

Adding an SRT file is very easy and can be done by following the below steps. Before uploading the .srt file for your video, ensure that the file content, encoding, and extensions are alright and reviewed.

Once you have done that, we will move to the next part how to add srt file to YouTube. Unlike the above method, here you do not generate the content. Here you keep the text ready in an srt file that can be made using notepad only and upload using these steps:

Step 1: Login and go to the My Channel option in your account

Step 2: Select Video Manager and select the video from the available list in which you want to add the captions

Step 3: Navigate to Subtitles and CC from the dropdown options

Step 4: Select Add New Subtitles and CC option and upload the .srt file here by selecting the subtitle radio button option.

Step 5: Upload and adjust the timeliness if required. Now, you can publish it and play the video.

Part 4: How to Put Subtitles on YouTube When Watching

In this section, to put subtitles on YouTube when watching, you just need to pay attention to the few clearly defined steps below and enjoy the interactive content via subtitles.

Step 1: Start the video and pause it for a while

Step 2: You would find the Icon ‘cc’, tap on it

Step 3: Select the language and caption style

Step 4: Select the basic font and formation, size, background, etc.

With these basic steps, you are covered and can put subtitles in an instant while watching youtube. Also, not all videos will offer the ‘cc’ option because the subtitle may not be available for it.

Nonetheless, you will get this option as more and more people are finding subtitles useful for reach and viewers to grasp the show and speakers better.


If you are using YouTube to publish your video content, adding subtitles can be a game-changer. How to add a caption to your YouTube videos? How to put subtitles on YouTube? These queries may seem trivial, but once you grasp the utility and benefit of it using the caption, transcripts video, you can do a lot to improve your Video SEO.

Also, subtitles enable people from different ethnicities, cultures to speak a foreign language to access your content learning it from the subtitles that can be made available in multi-languages. So using these simple processes, you are doing a lot of value, which can make all the difference in achieving your target goal figure.

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