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How to Add Subtitles to Netflix Easily

Across the world, Netflix is easily available.

On Netflix, the limited content is available for some countries, but in most areas, people get a VPN for Netflix, and these VPNs allow them to access geographically blocked content.

There is only a language barrier with the use of the VPN that cannot handle it. So, many people ask how to add subtitles to Netflix? In this article, we will give you detailed steps.

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Part 1: How to add subtitles to Netflix

You can change the captions and subtitles as well as alternate audio for several movies and TV shows. Netflix supports five to seven relevant languages based on the language and location setting. It displays the two most relevant languages to download. Some of the important steps are given here.

    1. Install a super Netflix extension for Chrome or Super Netflix add-on for Firefox.

 Netflix extension add subtitle

Image credit: super Netflix extension

    1. Select a title to watch that is available on Netflix. If you are looking for a TV show, you need to note the episode number or season.
    2. Download the movies or episode subtitles in a Zip File. You can extract it further. Get an SRT file that is a subtitle file.
    3. SRT file is not readable on Netflix, and Super Netflix cannot force it. Now, a user has to convert it into DFXP. Go to Subflicks and convert it by uploading the file and download the DFXP file.


Image credit: Subflicks

    1. Now a user can play TV shows after opening Netflix. Add subtitles by pausing it right away.
    2. For a keyboard shortcut, Tap Ctrl+Alt+Shfit+T. Open the selected file box and DFXP that you have already downloaded.
    3. On Netflix, on the seek bar, click the caption icon at the bottom of the screen. Here, you will see the subtitle file that you have listed there. Now click it to watch Netflix with your custom subtitles.

netflix add subtitle

Image credit: Netflix

Part 2: How to Turn off Subtitle on Netflix

If you have learned how to add subtitles to a movie on Netflix, then turning off and on subtitles will be easy for you. Before doing this activity, a user has to be sure that he has attained the DFXP subtitle file for the movie. The movie is downloaded from Netflix only. The procedure of turning off subtitles on Netflix is simple. It does not need any special training to go for any training or learning the rules. Follow these steps and complete the job.

  1. Sign in to Netflix and launch it on Firefox or Chrome browsers.
  2. Get your movie and play instantly.
  3. Now press the caption styled dialog icon on the menu bar’s bottom. Select the movie title from the list, tick it to the subtitles, and untick this option to turn off the subtitles. It is done.


People want to learn How to add subtitles to Netflix. Netflix contains subtitles, and language support is restricted, and a user cannot utilize custom subtitles on Netflix. You can use Super Netflix if you are using Firefox and Chrome. It allows you to add chrome subtitles on Netflix to anything.

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