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How to Convert Txt to Srt Subtitle Formats Easily (2 Solutions)

SRT format and Txt format are some of the widely known video subtitle formats available, since the increase in the availability of shooting by phones.

Therefore, YouTube content creators, Instagram influencers, and social media marketers need to include subtitles or closed captions to their videos.

In this article, we will talk about how to convert txt files to SRT format easily. Also, we will recommend to YouTube the best file converter to use for converting TXT to SRT. If you are ready, let’s find out together.

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Part 1: Comparison Between TXT and SRT format

Subtitles are crucial to video accessibility like we said earlier. Therefore, it must be added to videos to maximize reach. However, the most common subtitle format around is the Text and the SRT format. Often, you find users asking the pertinent question, which format is better than the other. Let us answer that question for you here.

What means srt? SRT is known as subRip subtitle file. The name originated from a software called SubRip. This software is an open-minded source type and free to use as well. This file format is compatible with several video players used by most devices today.

One significant advantage of the SRT files is that they contain information related to captions. This information includes the start and stop time if the subtitle content.

What is txt subtitle file format?Contrarily, the text format is a simple text file that is wide-extended, compatible with lots of video players. However, it has no additional information related to the captions. Hence, the need to convert them to SRT format.

Furthermore, the importance of additional information is to ensure that the subtitle appears at the right time on the screen during the video play.

Part 2: How to Convert Text to SRT Online

The need to convert files is consistent with users over the years. However, you need to make use of one of the best online tools available, Gotranscript. This is one of the biggest online transcription and translation applications in the world.

This online converter is capable of converting txt to SRT of any file. Established in 2006, the app is currently among the most trusted online converter on the globe.

Furthermore, the introduction of a file-cutting system in 2009 has made it easy to translate as well as convert files from one format to the other. You can also download subtitles from YouTube first and convert it.

Follow the steps below to convert txt to srt.

    1. The first step is to go to the Gotranscript converter.
    2. Click the Upload file at left. It may take a while to load, depends on the size of your file

upload txt file

Image credit: Gotranscript

    1. When it’s done, you will see a list of formats such as SRT, STL, XMI, etc. Click on the srt. format in the middle.

choose srt format

Image credit: Gotranscript

  1. Click Convert at right. Now, the converting process is finished.

convert txt to srt

Image credit: Gotranscript

Note: Before you click on any of the formats, ensure you attach the file link you wish to convert first.

Part 3: How to Use Text to SRT Converter (Free Download)

This free downloader is called the Subtitle Workshop. It allows users to edit, convert txt Subtitle files as well as create them. The major features of this free application are:

  • It supports converting, creating, editing as well as saving approximately 60 subtitle formats. Consequently, this is done through its subtitle API library. Furthermore, users can save subtitles in customized file formats as well.
  • Also, the application is easy to navigate. It has multiple languages too.

Subtitle Workshop interface

Image credit: Subtitle Workshop

To make use of the Subtitle Workshop free download, make use of the following steps.

        1. The first thing to do is to use the installer wizard to install it. The installer wizard will help you to complete the process of installation.
        2. Afterward, extract the zip file to any location of your choice. Then, it is ready to use.
        3. Click File > Load subtitle. Then you will see all txt will be loaded directly.

      import txt file to Subtitle Workshop

      Image credit: Subtitle Workshop

        1. You can available to change frames or time If you want to customize the subtitles. You can also change FPS rate and control the show/hide time.
        2. After settings are finished, click File > Save as. A pop-up window will appear. There are various formats you can choose. Just select srt. format and double click it.

      save srt subtitle

      Image credit: Subtitle Workshop

      1. Choose where you want to save. In a minute, you will see the srt. format subtitle is on your desktop. So easy!

      Tip: Do not choose the custom format button below as it is not the direct way to convert.

      Part 4: Other Tools Converting Txt to SRT format

      Online tools to convert txt to SRT format exist in several forms. However, we will look at three of the widely used.

      1. Toolstick

      Toolstick is an only tool used for txt to SRT conversion. This particular tool is in high demand by users around the world. It can be used to convert both videos and lyrics as well.

      The tool supports subtitle conversion in several languages such as English, German, Italian, and Japanese. Significant features of the tools are:

      • The converter provides timestamps in plain text subtitles. This is done by taking into consideration the length of the words, characters as well as start/ stop time.
      • Each line of the file can be converted from one language to the other through this tool.
      • It can change the extension on the file. Hence, it can change the file extension from txt to SRT format.

      All you need to do when you want to use it is summarized here. Click on the upload button in the middle of the page. Then, select your subtitle text and click the convert button below the space provided for pasting.


      Image credit: Toolstick

      2. Subtitle Converter

      Here is another essential tool for the conversion of text files to SRT format. This converter was created as an alternative to another website due to technical glitches. However, lots of subtitles exist on this website.

      Below are the basic features of this tool.

      • It is easy to navigate the tool.
      • The website supports most of the popular languages around the world, such as English, French, and Italian.

      Subtitle Converter

      Image credit: Subtitle Converter

      3. Transcribe files

      This is one of the largest tools used for file conversion. This converter supports more than 150 different formats.

      The features of this tool include:

      • The tool supports major file formats. Such as SRT, XML, Text, Ass, among other formats.
      • The tool has excellent support staff as well. This excellent support service system makes it easy for users to navigate the converter.

      Transcribe files

      Image credit: Transcribe files


      To convert TXT to SRT format easily, you can make use of the converters listed here.  Leave a comment below to let us know which solution you like.

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