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How to Download Subtitles and Captions from YouTube Easily in 3 Ways

YouTube is a household name in entertainment. Since it’s an official release, millions of people around the world use the app as a source to get quality videos.

Furthermore, these videos exist in several languages. Hence, millions of individuals around the world need subtitles to watch YouTube videos.

We all know subtitles are vital to lots of people. They assist second language viewers in understanding YouTube videos quickly. Furthermore, people with hearing issues will follow a video better with the use of subtitles. So, you wonder how to download subtitles from YouTube. In fact, there are some excellent YouTube subtitles downloaders in the market.

In this article, we will look at how to download subtitles and captions from YouTube in SRT format. If you are ready, let’s find out together.

How to Download Subtitles from YouTube Online

Although, some people feel that subtitles displayed at the bottom part of their screen ruin their watching of videos. Contrarily, there are lots of benefits of using subtitles to watch videos.

Consequently, the most important one is the assistance it provides to foreigners to understand local languages.

There are several applications to use to get subtitles for your videos from Youtube. Here are a few of the apps to use.

 Method 1: DVDVideoSoft to download subtitles

DVDVideoSoft is a top-rated downloader. Through this application, you can download subtitles in text. You can download subtitles in SRT format as well. For music files, there is an MP3 converter on the application as well. This application is free to use as well.

The latest version of this application was released on the 17th of this month. Therefore, the app has regular updates to meet your demands for the newest video subtitles.

This application exists in both windows and android forms. To download subtitles from here, there are three available steps.

Step 1: Copy the video link

Start by typing the video you want on Youtube. Afterward, copy the link to the video from Youtube. Then, paste the link at the tip of the page. The next thing is to click download. The download is marked red.

download subtitle from Youtube

Image credit: DVDVideoSoft

Step 2: Choose the subtitle you want to download

The second step starts by selecting your subtitle language from the list displayed. However, you can choose your subtitles in an interval of you don’t want them for the entire duration of the video. Additionally, timestamps are available for you if you need it.

Step 3: Start downloading subtitles

Finally, download the caption you want to get. Copy it to the clipboard in text or SRT format. You can extract the subtitle in the same format as well.

Furthermore, the default format of the subtitles here is in TXT format. Therefore, if you want them in SRT format, you have to configure them. Also, you can customize the timestamps as well as change language to suit your needs.

More options

Besides, you can convert youtube videos to MP4 videos. All you need to do is copy the URL address of the video. You can do this from the browser’s address space. On the other hand, use the right-click on your mouse to click the video. Select the copy video URL option from the menu.

Then paste the link in the box towards the bottom of the page. Afterward, click the convert button. The conversion will start immediately. Then, click download to store the converted video to your PC, iPad, or phone.

Method 2: Vidpaw

Here is another popular YouTube video subtitle downloader. Besides, Vidpaw software can get subtitles for videos from other websites like Facebook, Instagram, and Bling. The software is entirely free. The site is easy to use, as well. It can be used for streaming as well without using the software. Below are the steps you need to download subtitles through this application.

Step 1: Put links to the search box

Get the video or audio link from the parent website. Copy the link of the video. Afterward, put the video or audio link in the search box provided at the tip of the Vidpaw site.

Then click the download button beside the search box. The video analysis will automatically begin.

copy youtube url vidpaw

Image credit: Vidpaw

Step 2: Click the download button

The next thing is to the right-click the download button. Afterward, click save the link. This will display the space where you can input the name was based on the fact the file. Then, save the file.

click download vidpaw

Image credit: Vidpaw

Also, you don’t require an account to use of vidpaw. You don’t need to have any software as well. The file downloaded from here is already in SRT format. Therefore, you don’t need to convert it after downloading it.

Furthermore, you can generate captions in several languages automatically. Therefore, you can download your file with the original subtitle alongside other languages as well.

Additionally, several other websites are supported by Vidpaw. These include but not limited to Dailymotion, Viki, etc. There is an official app for this downloader as well. The app can be used by the window, and android users as well.

How to Download Caption from YouTube with Software

It is normal to see several videos on YouTube and other websites to have subtitles as well as closed captions. These captions exist in many languages. Hence, the need to use software to download subtitles in these languages. There are several tools that enable users to download and save closed video cations to their computers and phones.

However, getting the one that is free as well as fast is not easy to see. Therefore, we have come up with one of the best software to download captions from YouTube.

Method 3: 4K Video Downloader

Through the use of this software, you can download subtitles as well as closed captions. Then, transcribe them so you can convert them to SRT file format. Consequently, SRT is supported by most video players. Hence, the need to convert your files to this format. We have listed two steps needed to get your captions through this software.

Step 1: Download it and paste link

First of all, you need to download as well as Install the 4K video Download application. It is available in most mobile stores. Therefore, Android, Windows, and Apple users can get it. Afterward, copy the link of the video you need caption of and past on the software.

paste url to 4K Video Downloader

Image credit: 4K Video Downloader

Step 2: Select subtitles to download

Choose the quality of the video you want. State that you want to download the caption, and pick a language of your choice. Afterward, click download. Once the download process is complete, you can enjoy your video with its subtitle.

download subtitle

Image credit: 4K Video Downloader


Subtitles and captions are essential to how we watch videos. Hence, the need to get them for several videos. We have provided some of the best ways to get subtitles or closed captions for your videos here.

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