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9 Best Cat Ear Gaming Headphones [Wireless & Mic]

Cat ear headphones captured the imagination of the public quite soon as many people have influenced by PewDiePie cat ear headphones.

Thanks to cat ears, blinking LEDs, and booming speakers, cat earphones have become one of the most common fashion gadgets after the popularity of USB headphones.

Additionally, they are called pet headphones, kitty ear headphones, or Neko headphones. Neko is a cat in Japanese.

If you are a snob about anime headphones and sound quality, this is probably not the list for you.

If you need a Cat ear headphone all by yourself, but you do not have an idea, here’s a compilation of 8 best cat ear headphones.

Below is the 9 best cat ear gaming headphones for a quick look.

  1. PewDiePie Cat Ears Headphone
  2. Ariana Grande Cat Headphones
  3. MindKoo Bluetooth Headphones Wireless
  4. Bluetooth Cat Ear Headphones
  5. Censi Gaming Headset Headphone Creative Cat Ear
  6. Bluetooth Headphones Cat Ear Wireless
  7. Luckyu Wireless Bluetooth Cat Ear Headphones
  8. SOMIC Pink Gaming Cat Ear Headset with Mic
  9. Razer Cat Ear Gaming Headset

Part 1: Best Wireless Cat Ear Headphones

1. PewDiePie Cat Ears Headphone – Recommended PewDiePie Choice

PewDiePie has worn many headphones on YouTube videos. However, cat ears headphone is the most popular one. Many people ask where to get it and the user experience. Based on more than 10000 reviews and real use, we make it the first recommendation. We think PewDiePie cat ears headphone is worth it.

PewDiePie Cat Ears Headphone

Image credit: Amazon


  • Surround Sound Quality: PewDiePie cat ears headphone offers real surround sound quality that you shouldn’t ignore. You will enjoy the best gaming experience.
  • Noise Cancelling: It has a microphone that can reduce the background noise to the lowest.
  • RGB Lighting: As a cat ear headphone, the design of RGB lighting is very fascinating. The ears can interact with different lightings with your emotion.

2. Ariana Grande Cat Headphones – Best Cat Ear Headphones for Ariana Grande Fan

Limited Edition Ariana Grande wireless cat ear headphones will display various colors and last up to 5 hours of usage at a single charge. We even provide additional microphones on the cat head.

Ariana Grande Cat Headphones

Image credit: Amazon


  • Versatile wireless headsets: These headphones are very versatile, considering they are priced very economically.
  • Decent sound quality: The sound quality is considered very good.
  • Comfortable ear cups: You can wear these headphones for a long time without getting fatigued

3. MindKoo Bluetooth Headphones Wireless – Best Cat Ear Headphones under $40

MindKoo has been developing portable headphones and speakers for a while and has been steadily receiving positive feedback. Their new product, the MindKoo Unicat MH-6 Bluetooth cat ear headphones, is one of the better cat earphones under $40.

MindKoo Bluetooth Headphones Wireless

Image credit: Amazon


  • Decent Performance: Yet, given the fact that you have a bargain-basement price tag, you would be delighted by the good sound quality and robust design standards.
  • Great for kids: When you are trying to purchase your kid with a pair of cat earphones, the adorable sparkling cat earphone style will be a perfect option.
  • Flexible headband: Headphones have an elastic headband that makes them ideal for heads of all sizes.

4. Bluetooth Cat Ear Headphones – Best Cat Ear Headphones for Designing

Bluetooth cat earphones have A-OK sound quality. We have flashing lights on cat paws and ear cup exteriors that can be programmed to flash or remain steady.

Bluetooth Cat Ear Headphones

Image credit: Amazon


  • Adjustable Headband: The headband is foldable, and the ear cups are rotatable for simple protection. Notice, though, that the standard of design is a little delicate than most of their counterparts.
  • Audio Jack Support: These do come with a 3.5 mm audio jack for wired listening, in case the battery of the headphones is drained, or the audio source does not have Bluetooth connectivity.

The can grip of this pair is the unstable Bluetooth link that disconnects more frequently than anticipated.

5. Censi Gaming Headset Headphone Creative Cat Ear – Cute Cat Ear Headphones

While they are a little higher priced than others of the options on this page, Censi Moecen Wireless Cat earphones are something you would like to find regardless of the price tag.

These headphones may not have the bright, flashing LEDs of the Brookstone headphones, but they have the longest-lasting style on this list, among other aspects.

 Gaming Headset Headphone Cat Ear

Image credit: Amazon


  • Good Noise Reduction: If you are a gamer and a lover of dark, vibrant bass music, this collection is meant to make you even more sense. They are over-ear headphones, and the noise suppression functions pretty well.
  • Sweat/Water-Resistance: The little cat ears are sensitive. Then you should delete both of them anytime you feel like it. To bring the cherry on top, the Censi Moecen cat earphones are IPX4-rated. This indicates that they are immune to sweat/water.

6. Bluetooth Headphones Cat Ear Wireless – Best Cat Ear Headphones for Battery Life

These very moderately priced bluetooth headphones have a volume limiter that enables you to pick between a peak volume of 85 or 110 decibels, decent battery life of 6 to 8 hours, and a micro SD card slot that allows you to access your favorite playlists without the need for an external computer. Besides, the connecting speed (We tested it within 1 seconds) is fast with the lastest technology bluetooth 5.0.

Bluetooth Headphones Cat Ear Wireless

Image credit: Amazon


  • 85 – Decibel Noise Minimum
  • 6 to 8 hours of battery life
  • Micro SD card slot
  • 6-month warranty

7. Luckyu Wireless Bluetooth Cat Ear Headphones – Best Lightweight Cat Ear Headphones

Luckyu wireless Bluetooth cat ear gaming headset delivers a microphone, and seven colors LED lighting modes. The V4.2 Bluetooth link enables you to connect to any Bluetooth system and can even be attached via a 3.5 mm adapter cord.

Luckyu Wireless Bluetooth Cat Ear Headphones

Image credit: Amazon


  • Cute cat earphones: 7 colors LED light blinking headphones so you can adjust the setting. Adjustable headband to match various head sizes. The good sound output of integrated mega bass.
  • Standard compatibility: Bluetooth V4.2 will be attached to nearly all devices and tablets, such as iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Mobile Device, Mac, etc. You may also use a 3.5 mm adapter cable to link to computers that do not have Bluetooth capability. Comfortable and efficient.
  • Fashion present: vibrant and sexy, designed like a adorable cat, and to make you exceptional on every occasion. Makes a Christmas/birthday gift for family and friends, including Cosplay lovers.

Part 2: Best Cat Ear Headphones with Mic

8. SOMIC Pink Gaming Cat Ear Headset with Mic – Best Cat Ear Headphones with Removable Ear

The SOMIC G951s cat ear headphones with mic deliver ambient noise, high-quality speakers, and are compliant with Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PS4, Mac, tablets, iOS, iPhones, and a range of other accessories.

Cat Ear Headset with Mic

Image credit:


  • Ambient Isolation Canceling: Huge style earmuffs and excellent passive noise-reducing isolation allow for fewer intrusion and more convenience.
  • High-Quality Speakers: 40 mm Large quality speakers offer high, medium, low frequency in depth. Total feature controller for simple operation.
  • STRONG Paired (3.5 mm PLUG): Could be paired with Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PS4, Mac, tablet, iPad, iPhone. The in-line control box allows you to adjust the volume and mute the mic during the game. Easily control the volume and switch the mic on / off.

9. Razer Cat Ear Gaming Headset – Best Cat Ear Headphones for Gaming

Featuring 16.8 million colors and a collection of lighting effects, RGB lighting provides infinite design possibilities. Able to glow separately from each other, the Razer Kraken Kitty – Chroma cat ear headphones with mic and Kitty ears can be personalized to match your heart’s desire with a range of looks to fit any event.

Razer Cat Ear Gaming Headset

Image credit: Amazon


  • Cosplay Mode: The Razer Chroma lighting on this USB gaming headset can be disabled when inserted into a battery bank, enabling you to turn on the charm anywhere the camera can be.
  • Fast Noise-Cancel Microphone: Look as fabulous as you feel and carry out entirely direct contact with a retractable, high-quality microphone that is designed to remove out external noise.
  • Sound Insulation and Comfort: Since it is both lightweight and durable, the bauxite aluminum construction is well suited to withstand the rigors of long gaming sessions. Cooling gel ear cushions minimize heat build-up during vigorous gameplay sessions, offering the warmth you need to keep in the game in hot weather.


Above are the 9 best cat ear headphones for your choices. If you want a PewDiePie style cat ear headphone, we recommend the first one. However, if you have other cat ear recommendations, leave a comment to let us know.