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Fonts for Purchase: 10 Best Websites to Buy Fonts for Commercial Use

When we communicate physically, we use our whole body. We use our voice, facial expressions, and body language to communicate a whole range of emotions and meaning beyond the words we speak.

While this range of communication is difficult to achieve digitally, we can use different typefaces and fonts to create a similar experience.

And in today’s digital world, people are aware of fonts and design more than ever before.

While there are several free fonts available online, to find the best font for your personal or commercial project, you’ll want to look into fonts for purchase. Below, we’ve rounded up 10 best websites where you can find and purchase commercial fonts.

Part 1: 10 Best Websites to Purchase Fonts for Commercial Use

Below is a comparison table of the 10 best places to buy commercial fonts. Check it out.

Listbest places to buy fontsFeaturesProsConsInclude free font
#1MyFontsSupports webfots for designersBest/hot/new font types are categorizedHomepage is not clear to select the best font to buyYes
#2FontShopIncludes various fonts in this placeReasonable font priceFilters are not precise sometimesYes
#3Fonts.comSupports English, Dutch and Japanese languagesFamous foundries are included; Offer enterprise solutionSome pages have annoying adsNo
#4LinotypeShowcase popular fonts at the homepage to let you selectMore than 20 categories to buy fontsThe number of fonts are limited a little bitNo
#5FontspringFont licensing for app, demo, pc and moreMany fonts are on saleNot update font quicklyNo
#6GraphicRiverMore than 9,200 fonts are availablePrice is not high compared with other placesQuality is not always highNo
#7Font BundlesWell designed interfaceEach day has a font on saleCart icon is distractingYes
#8FontfabricIncludes sans, serif and moreDifferent font types to buyYou need some time to find the font you wantYes
#9FontHausIt is a well know place to buy fontsUpdate fonts regularlyVAT is chargedYes
#10Creative MarketIncludes 34,540 font to buyClear info are displayed for each fontFile size is a little bit largeNo

1. MyFonts

MyFonts has one of the biggest selections of fonts for purchase. They currently have over 130,000 fonts available, and they are continually adding more. They have a clean, easy to use site where you can browse fonts by style category or search for something specific.

They also have a number of features like a try before you buy and sample text features, so you can see how your text would look in a number of different fonts. They also have the WhatTheFont feature, where you can submit a picture of some text to find the closest font matches from their database.


  • Over 130,000 fonts available
  • Sample text feature that shows your text in different fonts
  • WhatTheFont tool identifies the font used from a photo


Image credit: MyFonts

2. FontShop

FontShop has a clean, functional design that makes it easy to find and buy commercial fonts. They have a wide selection of new releases, recommended font lists, and featured designers.

Their tryout tool lets you test-drive fonts and try live sample layouts before you buy. Plus, they also use the WhatTheFont feature so you can identify fonts you see out in the world.

Just upload a photo of the font, and the tool will either find the font or the closest matches in its database.


  • Simple, clean design with search front and center
  • Tryout tool gives you live sample layouts before you purchase
  • WhatTheFont tool identifies the font used from a photo

buy font from FontShop

Image credit: FontShop

3. has a pleasant, easy to use design with a number of features like their Learning section that offers information about fonts and typography, including typographic tips and techniques.

They have one of the biggest font databases online with over 150,000 fonts for purchase.


  • Over 150,000 fonts available
  • Font conversion tool for using fonts on multiple platforms
  • Custom fonts available

buy fonts for commercial use in Fonts

Image credit:

4. Linotype

Linotype has been in business for over 100 years and is the originator of typefaces like the Helvetica, Frutiger and Univers families. As a partner with MyFonts, Linotype has access to the same database of over 130,000 fonts.

They have a robust Know How section that gives information on buying fonts, general typeface knowledge, font technology, and more.


  • Over 130,000 fonts available
  • Know-How section with information on all aspects of font creation and use
  • Originator of classic fonts including Frutiger, Garamond, Helvetica, Palatino, and Univers.

Linotype to buy fonts

Image credit: Linotype

5. Fontspring

Fontspring’s focus is making font licensing easy. They’ve partnered with several font foundries to create licenses that allow you to use the fonts you purchase on Fontspring on as many projects as you like.

What’s more, their Fair Fonts program pays designers the highest royalty rates, so you can feel comfortable that the people who create the fonts you use are getting reimbursed for their work.

They also have tools that make buying fonts easy, like their try, then buy, which allows you to use a demo version of the fonts and their Font Matchererator which can identify a font from an uploaded image.


  • Easy licensing and use
  • Fair Fonts program pays the highest royalty rates to designers
  • Font Matcherator tool identifies the font used from a photo

6. GraphicRiver

GraphicRiver doesn’t have a vast selection of fonts like some of the others on this list, though, their offering isn’t small over 9,100 fonts. However, their fonts are the highest quality. They review every submitted font to ensure only the best are available on their site.


  • Over 9,100 high-quality fonts available
  • Available in formats for several different platforms
  • Test before you buy

7. Font Bundles

Font Bundles has only been around since 2015 but is filling a gap in the commercial font market. Some professional fonts can cost hundreds of dollars for a single font, where Font Bundles offers several high-quality fonts at an affordable price.

Their model bundles fonts together, too, so you get a whole bundle with each purchase. The bundles are only available for a limited time, though, making Font Bundles great for single-use projects but not ideal for ongoing work.


  • Bundles fonts together at affordable prices
  • Font bundles available for limited time
  • Free font of the week allows you to try out new fonts

Font Bundles

Image credit: Font Bundles

8. Fontfabric

Fontfabric is a digital type foundry crafting retail fonts and custom typography. It was founded in Bulgaria and is run by a group of multidisciplinary designers who draw from over 1,000 years of Glagolitic and Cyrillic heritage.

Fontfabric is an advocate for the development and integration of Cyrillic typefaces, which is the sixth most widely adopted script in the world.


  • Access to several unique fonts
  • Custom typography available
  • Experts in Cyrillic typefaces and fonts

9. FontHaus

FontHaus was founded in 1990 as the first independent digital font retailer in the US. At the time, they delivered fonts on 8 inch, 5-1/4 inch, and 3-1/2 inch floppy disks, and now they offer over 90,000 fonts online. They also provide custom fonts as well as fonts on sale and bundles.


  • Offers nearly 92,000 fonts from over 150 suppliers
  • First independent digital font retailer in the US
  • Custom type design available

10. Creative Market

Creative Market is an online market for all kinds of digital design, and their fonts section offers over 34,000 fonts for web and print design projects.

Creative Market is designed to empower creators to make their ideas a reality, and their font sets feature extra character sets and embellishments for headers, text, and display as well as hand-drawn, brush, and vector letterforms.


  • Over 34,000 fonts available
  • Fonts created by passionate creators around the world
  • Purchase fonts right from the creator

Part 2: FAQ about Purchasing Fonts for Commercial Use

1. Can you use fonts for commercial use?

It depends. If the fonts are licensed free, then you can use them for commercial use. There are so many free to use fonts in the fonts. However, you need to buy fonts if you want to use high quality and popular font to make money. it would be best to buy fonts.

2. Can you get sued for using a font?

In some cases, YES. You will always get sued for using a font if it is not commercial-free. However, you will not if you use a font for personal use. There are some large companies that get sued because of using a licensed font. So, you need to be very careful.

3. How much does it cost to buy a font?

The cost varies based on your needs. You can check the price for a licensed font on many websites. Generally, the cost is around $15-$500. For some regular fonts,the price is not high.


When you buy fonts for commercial use, you get something unique, something you can be sure hasn’t been overused, and you have access to a broader range of fonts so you can be sure to find the perfect one for you. With these websites, you’re sure to find the commercial fonts fit your needs.