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PewDiePie Charis Reviews: What You Need to Know Now

PewDiePie is one of the most popular YouTubers on this planet. Many people even searching for his headphone, cloth and PC that he’s used in YouTube videos.

So with being a supporter of PewDiePie Let’s Play, he recently got his gaming chair from ClutchChairz Throttle Series brand.

This is his brand that carries its name as an ambassador. This is not only a famous brand but also one of the top brands in the marketplace.

Part 1: Overview of PewDiePie LED 100m Throttle Edition

As the Pewdiepie has recently hit 100 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, to celebrate this achievement, they have built an LED chair with a 100M gold stitching on its back, and it is a limited edition.

Pewdiepie chair is made up of high-density foam that has a perfect blend of support and softness. We have used extremely smooth leather that feels and looks like an original leather and is quite easy to clean.

It also has huge ergonomic and highly comfortable cushion put your back in a perfect position. The final and the foremost important thing about it is a handcrafted gold 100M stitching by the man himself ensures that this chair is an excellent finished product that will last for many years to come.

Part 2: Review of PewDiePie Chairs

Think about how many hours you will can spend continuously sitting on a chair. Then, think about the effects of sitting in a bad posture for hours on your spinal cord.

These chairs are specially designed for giving maximum comfort to your back so that you can work efficiently. But this comes with high-quality foams and contoured lumbar support.

So, these chairs come up with complete lumbar support, high-density foams and contoured to improve your back posture and enhance your efficient sitting time.

What Users like

Users admire the quality of these chairs. They are delighted with the material of the chair as it will last for a longer time. Users also like the incredible comfort level of these chairs.

What Users Dislike

The thing that users don’t like about this PewDiePie chair is that it is a little expensive.

Is it suitable for gamers?

Yes, it is best suited for gamers because it is a high comfortability level and contoured lumbar support that keeps the gamers going for many hours.

What criteria are for a high-quality game chair?

A high-quality gaming chair should be such that it provides support to your back and must be comfortable enough that they can go a long way with full efficiency for hours.

Part 3: Alternatives to PewDiePie Chairs

If you are also looking for alternatives to PewDiePie chairs, here we will recommend two excellent chairs for you.

1. Respawn 110 Gaming Chair

As you are a gamer, you must not spend your money on having an ultrawide monitor. First, you should get a good gaming chair.

So, for this, you can go for The RESPAWN 110 gaming chair. This chair provides you with a great comfort level and good cost savings within one package.

The chair lift and tilt levers are located on just the right side, under the chair, and its fixed armrests are being padded for the relief of the elbow.

Its RSP 110 features are also bonded and tilt up to 155 degrees along with an infinite angle lock. You also have the option of choosing the best angle according to your choice.

Its adjustable head pillow and lumbar also provide you with the needed support required for staying on the chair for a long time. You can also put your feet up on the built-in footrests to relax.

The RESPAWN is a nominated award brand, and its goal is your satisfaction. It also comes up with a lifetime warranty and also has the 275 lb weight capacity. This gaming chair also helps you a lot in bringing your game “A” to each match.

What users like

The things that users like about this chair is it build quality, and it can easily and quickly be assembled.

They also want the incredible comfort level that it gives when anyone stays on it for a longer period of time. Users also like its armrests and footrests features.

What users dislike

The thing that users don’t like about this chair is that they might find its armrests a bit annoying.

2. Gtracing Gaming Chair

GTracing gaming chair is an ideal chair for pro gamers. It has an adjustable back with an inclined locking mechanism that is from 90 to 170 degrees.

The chair frame is made up of strong metal, which provides you a comfortable seating posture that keeps you comfy while working continuously for hours.

As its thick padded seat and back take this seat to the next level of comfort. It is made up of smooth leathery upholstery, and the padded seat contains high-density foam under it. It is heavy but comes up with smooth-rolling wheels that provide excellent mobility and stability.

Moreover, it is best for office working and gaming. It will perfectly blend into your home-based office or in your gaming room due to its stylish and modern look. And will keeps you going during long sessions of work and home.

What users like

There are lots of things that users like about this chair. Many users said that this chair is incredibly comfortable. Users want the quality of the chair and praise its flexible adjustment options.

This chair has got 4 out of 5 review stars on amazon. And its global ratings are also 4000 and above, which clearly shows that it is worthy of being purchased.

What users dislike

There is nothing huge that user’s dislike about this chair, but few of the users said that once they unwrap the plastic covering of the chair, it got the awful smell of gas, which is annoying.

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