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[Infographic] 8 Social Media Trends You Need to Be Aware for 2020

Every year, social media trends change the landscape of social media applications and their use.

Staying on top of these trends is necessary, especially for those who make a living off of social media. Doing the same thing for years is just not good enough.

Getting a good understanding of where you’re going in social media will help you make informed decisions in TikTok or Facebook.

Take these eight social media trends seriously, and you will have continued success.

8 Social Media Trends in 2020

You can also quickly look at the social media trend infographic.

1. Influencer Marketing Will Continue to Increase

In 2020, social media trends will include a significant increase in the use of influencer marketing.

MediaKix reported that influencer marketing is estimated to become a $10 billion industry by 2020.

The role of influencer marketing will be more substantial and sophisticated. There will be more influencer platforms available.

influencer marketing trends 2020

Firms who want to produce their own influencer accounts will use these influencer platforms to increase their presence.


Businesses who pay influencers to associate their fame with their product will be under increased scrutiny.

Not only is the company under a watchful eye, but influencers will be watched as well.

First, the companies and the influencers will need to be careful with their combined messages in the future.

This is because both the business and the influencer’s message must be similar.

No longer is it appropriate for influencers to do as they please and disregard the company’s brand.

Influencers and companies will need to continually communicate with each other long term to ensure that both parties are satisfied.

Second, the FTC is now watching businesses, influencers, and their relationships.

The increasing surveillance of commercial arrangements will be troublesome in the future.

Overall, celebrities will take a backseat to influencer campaigns as influencers will become the advertising method of choice.

Influencers will infuse more audio and video content into their content marketing programs. Brands will also combine influencer marketing with social media marketing and content marketing in one large multimedia package.


One overlooked trend of influencer marketing is utilizing employees and customer testimonial accounts to increase overall appreciation for the brand.

Soon, businesses will have the ability to locate customers and even employees on a platform like Instagram.

Having the ability to find customers and employees is a definite positive.

2. Social Media Listening Is Important

Social media listening is an online marketing tactic where the business will monitor social media in a way where they do not focus on everyday posted content.

Sprout Social found 83% of consumers like a responsive brands, and 68% like if brands can join conversations with them directly on social media.

Instead of focusing on content that is created from around the world that hits the company’s social media accounts, the business concentrates on the larger picture of brand awareness.

social media listening trend

Social media listening involves gaining an overall consolidated view that underlines trends and themes that can be used in a brand strategy.

Social media listening is a social media trend that will become more and more important as time goes on.

Firms and businesses do not have the time to go through every post and every video that is run through their social media accounts.


Instead, they can monitor their social media accounts with technology that provides summative information on categories such as location, interest, hashtags, and more.

3. Pay Attention to Video Content

In 2020 and beyond, video content will dominate all other forms of content.

It is believed that by 2022, 82% of all content online will be in the form of video according to a Cisco study.

Video content is not exclusively provided for by YouTube anymore. In recent years, almost all social media platforms have implemented changes that are inclusive of video entertainment.

video-content trends 2020

This is especially true for Instagram.

Instagram has changed its platform dramatically so that users can upload videos and even live stream themselves from their mobile phones.

4. Instagram May Hide Likes

In 2020, a new social media trend may emerge when Instagram removes likes entirely from their system.

Before 2020, Instagram allowed users to show their appreciation for content by giving them the option to click on a like button.

Instagram could set a new standard by dropping the ability to “like” content.


insta likes trends

It is believed that Instagram is dropping the “like” feature because Instagram does not believe in measuring a person’s social value.

Dropping the “like” feature and requiring persons to comment on the photo could be a better way to communicate how good the content is.

Critics of the move to drop the “like” feature from Instagram say that it is difficult to measure the impact of advertising campaigns on the platform.

Critics also cite that brands pay a ton of money to encourage influencers to provide top-notch content.

Not having a “like” feature available for people to vote on how good the content is could create a disagreement on how valuable the influencer is.

5. Marketers Widely Use Instagram Stories

Instagram began using a video platform called “stories” back in August 2016.

Initially, stories were to help keep followers up to date on the Instagram account by giving the user the ability to upload a small video.

Followers loved short update videos.

insta stories trend


Over the years, Instagram stories became more interactive with polls, stickers, countdowns, timers, and even links to websites.

Instagram stories are now the place to be for the follower because they can get quick, up-to-date information via video and at the same time, be entertained with interactive media.

As of 2019, the Instagram interactive stories platform has boasted 500 million daily watches. This Instagram social media trend is expected to increase further.

6. AR & VR Technology Will Be Up to Next Level

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) will see a rise in interest. It is predicted that AR users will reach 77.7 millions in 2020.

The technologies involved in AR and VR are not fully developed yet.

ar trend

However, as these platforms grow, there will be a demand from users for better experiences and technology.

Social media giant Facebook is developing its own social media virtual reality world called Horizon.

This virtual reality world is a place where people can play games against each other, communicate, and even explore.

Facebook virtual reality is expected to be the latest advancement in social media that will bring social media expectations to another level.


7. Local Targeting

Social media trends include local targeting.

Local targeting is the tagging of social media posts to local geographical areas so that when a person searches an area for something, they will likely get the post.

Providing written descriptions and tagging a photo or video with a geographic description will help categorize the media.

People who search for area attractions, restaurants, and local hotspots will find the media useful.

Finding local brands and content is something that users want.

They want the ability to find exciting locations in the local geographical area.

Expect this part of social media to grow even more abundant in the future.

8. Tell a Behind Story on Social Media

One way to create a brand and a community that follows is by having an original story.

A unique story that is included with the brand will help create an appreciation for the company.

Stories, whether done by video or written text, are a great way to enhance a company’s overall marketing efforts.


Stories will become more and more influential in social media in the future.

Building a brand from nothing is very difficult to do.

To create a solid foundation of loyal followers, a company or person should communicate a genuinely true story.

The company or persons involved should stand behind the story and tell it many times.

Inspiring stories are the backbone of successful marketing campaigns. Serious marketers know this.

Marketers will turn to social media to communicate their story and increase their following that will turn into sales profit.


social media trends 2020 infographic

Just like in years past, influencer marketing will continue to grow at a rapid pace.

However, the way that influencer marketing is done will change in 2020. The new social media trends for influencer marketing include:

  • Increase regulation by the FTC.
  • Consolidation of content, influencer, and social media marketing.
  • Inclusion of employee and customer social media account testimonials.
  • Influencer campaigns will not be influenced by celebrities.
  • Increased relationship consciousness with businesses and influencers.
  • Carefully choreographed infusion of brand awareness into influencer social media accounts.

In 2020, companies will have to decide whether analyzing each post in their social media feed is required or by implementing a sound social media listening plan.


Social media listening allows company marketing professionals to gain a bird’s eye view of who they are reaching and necessary information on who is following their accounts.

Video content will become the number one content source in 2020 and beyond. Instagram understands that video content is becoming more and more important.

In recent years, Instagram has implemented “Instagram stories” that allows the video to play on their platform.

In addition to this, Instagram has mentioned that they plan to eliminate “likes” as a way to show neutrality in valuing a person’s social media value.

Augmented reality and virtual reality will see a significant increase in interest in the coming year. Facebook has a virtual reality world set up called Horizon.

Social media trends include the ability to tag and post content that has accurate geographical area descriptions.

This information is useful on posts because it allows users to look up areas that they are currently visiting to gain information on local landmarks.

One of the biggest trends in social media for 2020 is the ability to tell a company story on social media genuinely.

Social media platforms are beginning to see a lot more expert-written content and video content regarding company stories.

These stories help build brand reputation and loyalty. Look to see more of this in the future.