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9 Best Website to Download Anime Subtitles Easily

Anime subtitles originate from transcripts and screenplays which show or display the dialogue expressed in the scene being shown and it progresses with the change of scene.

Usually, anime subtitles display or appear at the bottom of your screen as you watch your video. If you are interested, you can also buy a font with a reasonable price.

There are over 100 languages spoken around the world and movies are done in more than half of these languages. Besides, many of these movies use different subtitle fonts. Therefore, English anime subtitles are very vital to understanding plots in diverse languages. If you want to have a better experience when watch anime movies, you can wear a cat ear headphone.

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Part 1: Why You Need Anime Subtitles

Anime subtitles have several benefits undeniably.

Learn a new language: They provide important assistance in learning a foreign language. It will assist you to learn new things about the culture of the people you’re watching their movie. It will also give you a chance to expand your vocabulary and learn new words as you practice the new language. Watching a movie with English subtitles in the language you wish to learn is one of the best ways to master a new language.

Overdubbing: But, subtitles are not only for foreign or secondary language learners. Lots of movie lovers prefer anime subtitles overdubbing. The reason for this is simple, dubbing won’t make you understand the passion the actors are using to deliver their lines.

Better understanding: Another reason is some Japanese anime, especially blockbusters, do have too much background noise at times and that makes it difficult to hear and understand what is being said by the actors. To add anime with Japanese subtitles, there are lots of software available that would assist you in the process.

Lots of Japanese anime lovers know the importance of subtitles when it comes to watching it especially because of the voice of the actors. Anime subtitles make watching anime movies easier to understand.

Often, it is difficult to get subtitles for anime but you don’t have to worry anymore as this article will provide you 8 best websites you can anime subtitles from without breaking a sweat.

Part 2: 9 Best Websites to Download Japanese and English Anime Subtitles

    1. Kitsunekko
    2. SubDb
    3. ANJ sub
    4. Subscene
    5. Isubtitles
    6. Animetosho
    7. Addic7ed
    8. CDJapan
    9. Anjsub

1. Kitsunekko

This website is from Japan. They have thousands of anime movie subtitles. All you need to do is go through the list of movies on the website and select the one you want and download it.

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If you can’t find the particular movie subtitle you want, you can search it in the box provided at the bottom of the left-hand side.


Image credit: Kitsunekko

The files on the website are sorted in the date format. This means if you know the date and year of the particular anime you want you can just look it up.

Each file on the website is attached to the date when it was uploaded to its website on the right-hand side. All the anime subtitles are in English, Japanese, Chinese and Korean. If you want your anime subtitles in Japanese, check this website and you won’t be disappointed.

2. SubDb is a free centralized website to download subtitles of any movie, not just anime. This website allows users to download anime subtitles that will be used for non- commercial purposes only.

Making use of a particular algorithm subrank, SubDb allows users to upload their subtitles on the website where other users can download them and enjoy their movies.

This same algorithm selects the best anime subtitle file to upload on the website. They handle all the technical aspects of sorting the files and arranging them all you have to do is download and enjoy.


Image credit: SubDb

However, they don’t have a search engine on this website. The only way for you to download your anime subtitles from here is through the hash of the video file you want.

This sounds more difficult than it is because the process is really easy. They have API to help you do this easily.

For example, subliminal uses the python module to search and download subtitles from this website. You can also make use of easy subtitle API to search and download subtitles.

To use this particular API, drag video files directly into your browser. Currently, there are over 800k movie subtitles on this website divided across several languages such as English, Espana(Spanish), Italiano, Francais among others.

3. ANJ sub

This website is for lovers of Japanese anime. Each movie has a brief description. They have lots of anime movies divided across several genres.

ANJ sub

Image credit: ANJ sub

There are action anime, historical, drama, romance among a host of others. Here, there are no search options for you to look for the anime subtitle you want but they do have a fan page where you can request for movie subtitle you need.

Aside from this, you just have to make do with the options on the website. However, they have an extensive list of anime movies so don’t be too disappointed for not finding what you are looking for on the website.

4. Subscene

This is like the biggest and most popular subtitles website around. Subscene has types of subtitles. From anime to series, you can find anything you want on this website. Subscene has been around for such a long time that there is hardly any subtitle you won’t find in their database. As an anime lover, Subscene got you. All you need to do is log in and search for the file you want. The search space also permits spelling and typographic errors.


Image credit: Subscene

To download anime subtitles from this website, take the following steps

      1. Go to the Subacen official website
      2. Click the search icon at the top left corner of the homepage.
      3. Type the anime name you want and click the search icon.
      4. Make a selection from the result of the search shown
      5. Select your preferred language of the subtitle showed
      6. Down and the subtitle language you prefer and extract the file

The entire process is quick and won’t take your time.

5. Isubtitles

This website is also for lovers of Japanese anime as well. Here the movies are listed with the summary of the movie included under the movie. Other additional information like rating, genre and year of release are also included. The number of anime subtitles available for each movie can be found alongside the movie information.


Image credit: Isubtitles

Subtitles are available in different languages such as English, Francaise, Spanish among others.

However, if the anime you’re looking for is not among the ones listed, you can click on the icon on the top right side of the website. It will display information like browse, wallpaper, and search space. Click on the search space and type the name of the anime you want and click search.

If that particular anime is in the website’s database, it will appear in a few minutes alongside the time the subtitle was released and you will be able to download it and enjoy your animes. The website search has a suggestion search to help find movies even when you can’t remember the name. There are other movies on the website as well.

6. Animetosho

Here, you are allowed to search for the anime you want with filters such as newest, year, or name. There are several movies and their anime subtitles available on this website. Regular updates are also carried out to the database to ensure it is current and can serve your needs.


Image credit: Animetosho

When you open the website, right in the middle you find the search space and icon as well as filter that you can apply to your search.

There are anime subtitles in several major languages available here alongside a brief summary of the movie too. You will also find several interesting anime series here with their subtitles as well. To get additional information, log on to Animetosho. happy viewing.

7. Addic7ed

Here is another popular website where you can download several movies and TV shows including anime and another genre for free.


Image credit: Addic7ed

When you log on to the website, you will find a box on the top right side where you can select your preferred language to use on the website.

Right below that are three icons – login, shows, join the team. You can click the log-in icon to become part of fans of the website by creating your account. When you click on the show’s icon, it will display a list of the shows available on the website database. The next icon – join the team will display guidelines on how to be part of the website contributors.

The list includes anime around the world. You can pick any anime from there by clicking on it. However, if you can’t find the particular anime you are looking for, you can click on the search icon on the right-hand side of the middle part of the screen and type the name of the anime you want to get its subtitle.

8. CDJapan

This website is not like another anime subtitle website in this list. This one is quite different in the sense that it is the home of entertainment for everything Japanese.


Image credit: CDJapan

You can find subtitles for music, Tv shows, anime, and movies made in Japan. There is a part of the news and other information as well.

When you log in to the website, you find lots of anime, and others displayed. All you have to do is click on the particular movie you want. To make your search faster, you can look at the icons on the top of the website.

The fifth icon is searching. Click it and type the name of the anime you are looking for. You can click on the fourth icon in the same line – that is department. It will display several sectors of the website. Scroll to anime and select the genre of the anime you are looking for. There are several genres including drama, action. You can find e-books there as well.

CDJapan is one of the most complete anime subtitle websites you can find.

9. Anjsub

If you live in this part of the world, surely you must have come across an episode of anime or two. You probably didn’t get into it because of the Japanese voiceover. Needless to say, Anime is one of the most enjoyed forms of media worldwide, and you shouldn’t have to miss out on it simply because you’re not fluent in Japanese.

This is where anime subtitles come in. No matter where you’re from or what language you speak, you can get subtitles in your dialect to any popular anime. So you don’t have to miss out on the hype and excitement, now you can enjoy it. Just busy the for subtitles to your soon-to-be favorite anime!

Part 3: What Font Do Anime Subtitles Use

There are several fronts available for viewers to make use of as they watch their favorite anime. We shall look at a few of these fronts to enable select one for you to enjoy your animes.


Chinacat is used by many anime lovers for its subtitles. The reason is it fits easily with the screen of your PC as well as that of your TV.


Verdana is better than Chinacat because there is no need for you to change the size of the characters. The Subtitle is written in small characters which makes it easier to follow in spite of changing backgrounds.

Neue Frutiger

This front allows you to use the same typeface for different language scripts. So if you don’t want to think about changing typeface to suit a different language script whenever you wish to watch your anime in a different language from the one you used last, you should make use of this front.

This particular front supports over 100 languages including English, Spanish, Arabic, Latin, Greek, and Armenian.


This front is especially good for low-resolution surfaces. It has an open aperture which enables a user to see the subtitles easily on a low – resolution screen.

Aside from the ones listed here, several others exist. If you want to get more fronts to enjoy your anime, you can do that.

However, one thing I can say for sure is that no subtitle front is bad. There is no best among them, it depends on what you want at the time.


Make use of these websites listed above to get your subtitles and enjoy your anime in whatever language you prefer.

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