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Ultimate List: 10 Best Fonts for Subtitles in Video and Movie

Subtitles need to be read quickly and can often move off the screen extremely fast. This is why the correct font must be used for video content subtitles, whether it may be a short YouTube clip or a full feature-length film.

The key to the best subtitle font is that it is clear and precise, which means it avoids clutter and distraction.

There are so various excellent fonts to choose from nowadays. The purpose of this article is to provide you with 10 best fonts for subtitles in videos and movies.

We will guide you through the concepts of why these fonts will work the best with subtitle content. Please see our list of 10 best fonts to use and why they work so well.

Part 1: 10 Best Fonts for Subtitles/Captions You Should Know

Below is a list of 10 best font for subtitles for you. Have a look.

  • Helvetica
  • Arial
  • Verdana
  • Antique Olive
  • Univers 45
  • Tahoma
  • Myriad
  • Museo Sans
  • Tiresias
  • Times New Roman

Below is a comparison table – the best font for subtitles that can be used on video, YouTube and movie. Check it out!

ListBest Font for SubtitlesDate ReleasedWhich PlatformPriceSupport YouTube Video
#4Antique OliveEarly 1960sAdobe€ 39Yes
#5Univers 451957Linotype$35Yes
#8Museo Sans2008exljbris$16.50Yes
#10Times New Roman1932Monotype$65Yes

1. Helvetica

The Helvetica font is widely used throughout everyday life as a very basic font. You can search and find it from here.

This font has very distinct vertical and horizontal lines with tight spacing in between the letters. This gives the font an immaculate look with easy visibility.

subtitle font Helvetica

Many corporations and companies use the Helvetica font for their signs or branding on their buildings, making it one of the most popular Sans-serif fonts in the world.

Its popularity makes it recognizable and comfortable to the everyday person, which is why it falls on the list of top ten fonts for video content subtitles.

2. Arial

Many of us are probably extremely familiar with the Arial font. It is the default font of many computer systems and Microsoft office programs up until 2007, which makes it extremely recognizable.

Put Arial has been a font in the forefront of our lives ever since computers were invented and became a natural product in the home. This font has many different variations, so you can tweak it how you see fit, but remember the key to a good film or video subtitle is clarity.

best fonts for subtitles arial

3. Verdana

The main thing to take away from the Verdana font is that it was specifically developed for video content. This type of font was designed around the pixel and to look clean on film or video, not when handwritten with ink or a pencil.

That being said, it is a font that is more popularly used in video and film content. This font allows you to create tiny subtitles when needed, and the colors still are bold enough to grasp an audience’s attention, making it a precious asset to the content creator.

best font for subtitles Verdana

4. Antique Olive

As its name states, the main distinction in the Antique Olive font is the basic shapes that resemble an olive.

The goal of this font is to provide a refined version of the earlier mentioned Helvetica font.

While this provides a little more authenticity than the previously discussed fonts because of its letter “O” shape, it is still an excellent font for video and film subtitles.

Apart from being unique and eye-catching, it is also clean and clear enough to be used for subtitles. It also comes in many different bold formats. You need to makes sure that the caption is easy to read for the audience when using a bold Antique Olive type of font.

fonts for subtitles Antique Olive

5. Univers 45

Univers 45 is a font that uses coherent and consistent tendencies throughout all of its letters to create a hygienic look that works excellent for subtitles.

While many other fonts use varying weights and widths for different messages, Univers 45 remains consistent. It can also be described as a metal type font. If you think of metal, you think of words like hard, crisp, smooth.

All these types of words relate well to subtitle texts for all the reasons we have been touching on throughout this article.

movie subtitle font Univers 45

6. Tahoma

The Tahoma font is mainly used on screen for dialog boxes, which is all that needs to be said to convince you it is a good subtitle font. It is a mixture of regular text font and a bold text font.

Dialog boxes can have a large number of words that need to be read quickly before they may be removed from the screen, and this is often a prechosen font for just that.

It is said to be an ideal pick for a piece of information that needs to be transcribed on a screen, which is the main reason for this article.

best font for video Univers 45

7. Myriad

Myriad is a font used by many well-run companies such as Apple and Wells Fargo.

Think of what Apple is known for simplicity. This font utilizes old style figures and a wide range of weights and lengths to give it open shapes. This creates a very clean look for all different word variations.

Readability is the main focus for subtitles, Myriad provides excellent readability, and through its use of open shapes. Like many of the other fonts, Myriad has condensed, regular and extended widths as well to add some variety to its well-molded structure.

best fonts for video captions Myriad

8. Museo Sans

The Museo Sans font is a dynamic font in that it works well with text size and display size. For this article, we are more concerned with text size.

Museo Sans is geometrical and robust making it highly legible and easy to read, which is why it falls onto this list for subtitle fonts. This is a low contrast font making it ideal for movie subtitle fonts because it can be easy on the eyes.

This is an essential quality for a subtitle font because reading for an extended period on a bright screen can be tough on the eyes. The Museo Sans font can help with that issue.

good fonts for subtitles Museo Sans

9. Tiresias

This font specializes in use for people with impaired visibility. Even individuals with normal vision can sometimes have trouble with subtitles, this font can improve the reading quality for anyone viewing video or film content.

It is a widely used font for subtitles currently, which is why it makes this list. It is a bright and clean font as with all of the others we have discussed.

best font style for subtitles Tiresias

10. Times New Roman

I believe everyone reading this article is familiar with the font Times New Roman. It is one of the most well-known fonts in the entire world. It is another font that is often tied to computers and the programs that computers use. This helped grow its popularity and is known to be one of the more common fonts for subtitles and everyday use. Being such a familiar face in the world of fonts, it is a no brainer that it is one of the top ten fonts to use for subtitles in movies and films.

font used for subtitles Times New Roman

Part 2: What You Need to Know Before Choosing Best Subtitle Font

What makes the best font for subtitles? Is there any common reason why we choose the above 10 best? In fact, there are some criteria you need to keep in mind.

  • Is it clear?: We all know subtitles will be shown at the bottom in a video, so the space is kind of limited to add subtitles. In this case, we must make sure the readability for viewers. Some fonts are fancy and beautiful, but these are not the font we should use for subtitles. Helvetica is really a great choice if you really don’t know which type to use.
  • Is it legal?: Subtitle fonts are the resources created by the artist. Naturally, the copyright of some fonts are not free. You need to look for legal paper and usability statements of each font and check them. If you don’t care about this issue, you may get in big trouble someday. Thus, it is best to buy fonts from online store.
  • Is it compatible?: We must say some devices and players do not support all fonts for subtitles. If you want to get everything right at the end, you need to check the mainstream device to see if the video with subtitles is good.

Part 3: Frequently Asked Questions for Subtitle Font

1. What font is usually used for subtitles?

The most popular subtitle font is Verdana. In most cases, it can be used easily and won’t have any issues. If you want to use dynamic font, we’d like to recommend using Museo Sans. You can also use Google fonts for subtitles. All in all, it depends on your situation.

2. What font is used in yellow subtitles?

By now, the most used subtitles are Arial, Arial Black and Helvetica. You can add yellow color easily without looking clumsy. Besides, you can also add shadow to subtitles if you want to add effects.

3. What is the best color for subtitles?

Light color like white is the perfect color for subtitles. However, yellow is acceptable if you want something different. We must say other than light color, the rest colors are not recommended.

4. What is the best font for subtitles Premiere Pro?

Usually, Sans-serif is a great choice. It is compatible well with Adobe Premiere Pro, and the outcome is also fascinating against in the background. For example, Lucida Grande is the font that you can use directly in Premiere.

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