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20 Best Subtitle Download Sites for Movies and TV Shows 2021

In this age of technology, the ever-increasing fame of foreign language streaming and movie platforms like Netflix, the dubbing and subtitling companies have reported booming business performance in the previous years.

Furthermore, with the famous TV shows, and efficient subtitles download site is getting popular. Subtitles are not just hearing; they assist you in understanding new languages. These subtitles sites are elementary to use, and you can enjoy your favorite program without any hassle.

Learn more about the high-quality, efficient, and popular subtitles download sites for movies, and TV shows 2020 here.

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20 Best Websites to Download Subtitle Easily

1. YIFY Subtitles

It is a subtitle-dedicated platform by YTS. This best subtitle site performs efficiently, unlike its competitors. You can get HD quality files and in small size, and this feature makes it stand out. You can also add srt subtitle file to movies.

YIFY website to download Subtitles

Image credit: YIFY Subtitles


  • Users have uploaded subtitles, and numerous languages are available. You can stream movies to Netflix.
  • This is the best subtitles website that boasts the most popular movies, recently movies added, latest movies, and classic movies on various sections.

2. OpenSubtitles

This can be a beautiful subtitles download site that comes with a variety of specifications. One of the most significant movie collections is one of the best sites you will love to try. With over 50 different language options, this site is a truly international affair. All uploads come with overall ratings, comments, upload dates, and movie name for the subtitles’ quality.


  • This website download subtitle is designed with a solid layout
  • It is helpful to follow up with interest promptly.
  • You can get it on your smartphones and other mobile devices
  • Get the subtitles for all movies and shows in almost all languages, including Arabic, French, English, and many more.
  • For offering high-quality and easy management, this software is easy to use.

3. Subscene


Image credit: Subscene

This best subtitles website was introduced in 2005, and it offers subtitles in a variety of languages. The majority of the users prefer to use this software because of its easy to use interface, forum posts on the front page, at the top, the prominent search bar, and many others.


  • This best subtitle site is supportive for downloading for hearing impaired people. This option is good for a certain group of users.
  • Comes with a plethora of subtitles for your favorite movies

4. TVsubs

If you like to download more and more movies and enjoy TV shows, try this subtitles download site . It comes with a huge database of about 3000 TV shows. The majority of the users like to use this program due to its easy to use interface.


Image credit: TVsubs


  • This best subtitle site is ideal for downloading for latest TV series, TV shows, and others.
  • Enjoy the broader database and a wide collection of movies here
  • Offers 3000 TV shows in a different genre
  • Allows saving it as zip files
  • You can watch them later

5. English Subtitles for DivX Movies

English Subtitles for DivX Movies

Image credit: English Subtitles for DivX Movies

If you are searching for the DivX movie, then this website is the right option for you. Yes, it comes with countless subtitles for all the DivX movies in English. For this purpose, this software is the right option for you.


  • Supportive for all DivX movies in English
  • It is not different from other subtitles download websites and very easy to use
  • Easy to access on smartphones and other mobile devices
  • The simple interface is ideal for all the users, especially English movie lovers

6. DIVX Subtitles

It is dedicated to developing a DivX movie community. Therefore, it is the best platform to get DivX subtitles. You will find its design simple and get movies by name, not with the theme.


  • At the top, tap on the letters and find the subtitles as per your needs.
  • As the length cut and frame rate of the Divx movies difference, you may need to fix them as per your requirements
  • It is simple and very easy to use
  • Access it on your mobile devices and smartphones.

7. Movie Subtitles

This best subtitle site comes with one subtitle format for a movie, and you can convert it if you want more formats to use. The majority of the users are convenient with it because they do not want more than one format. They find it hard to manage more than one format. You will get rid of the irritating and annoying ads.


  • Supports 13 kinds of languages
  • Get top and latest top movies
  • No ads, and it comes with movie subtitles only
  • Get subtitles on Windows Media Player for watching XviD/DivX.

8. Addic7ed


Image credit: Addic7ed

Get subtitles for your favorite TV shows and movies without any hassle. You can sign up and download the subtitles easily without registering. Get the list by scrolling down the list.


  • Enjoy choosing your favorite show or movie from the long list of the old and latest versions.
  • The website gives the option to show you which shows and movies are being translated and that have been done translating.
  • Which files have been translated and downloaded today?
  • It is entirely simple and very easy to understand for the majority of the users
  • Get the details of the movie and show on the page

9. Isubtitles

You can select several subtitle files for a single movie. It allows you to get rater and descriptions. This page contains the search bar; enter the movie name to get the subtitle.


Image credit: Isubtitles


  • The recent releases are available on the side of the page.
  • You can click your browser button and get a large collection.
  • Get IMDB rating against its name for every movie
  • Movies are arranged as per country and genre
  • Offers easy access to smartphones and other mobile devices
  • Provides fun and real entertainment with excellent subtitles

10. Subtitle Seeker

Subtitle Seeker

Image credit: Subtitle Seeker

This best subtitles website provides you subtitles in two categories series and movies. This is the most suitable platform for English lovers because it gives subtitles in srt format in the English language. To get your desired results, you can search for it because there is no alphabetical order.


  • On every movie page, the detailed steps are listed
  • Users can get a range of srt to BlueRay from 480p.
  • Several subtitles resources
  • It is easy to use and operate for the majority of the users
  • Get details of the movies and shows on the page


It is the best subtitle site that is simple to use. It offers movie subtitles for download, unlike other major sites. It has a wide range of videos, TV shows, and movies across languages.

Image credit:


  • The site comes with a nice interface that helps you choose your favorite show or video with subtitles easily.
  • Its front page provides a list of recently released and popular movies and categories separating movies by all languages.


It is worth visiting. One of the important benefits of the website is an intuitive interface. On the website page, you can browse the movies search it by entering its title in the search bar. website

Image credit:


  • It helps you by offering thousands of subtitles files available for free
  • Helps you getting information about the language
  • Provides you details about the TV shows and movies
  • Get access to your favorite movie on your smartphone and mobile devices


Image credit:

At the top, using the prominent search bar, you can look for subtitles that users have uploaded already. You can search for movies by format, rating, and age due to the advanced search bar. You do not need to get any training to use this best subtitles website .


  • On the page, you will get the option to edit the subtitle filter.
  • Music videos, TV series, and movies are available on this page.
  • It boasts several full downloads for the desired movie subtitle.
  • You can access it on your smartphone.

14. English Subtitles

This site comes with all famous movie subtitles, including Avengers and suite. There is a search bar at the top of the page, and you can type a name to find the subtitles. All the last added subtitles for the shows and movies are displayed on the website homepage. This is the website that provides subtitles in English, and all English movie lovers can enjoy it.

English Subtitles

Image credit: English Subtitles


  • The website boasts TV series and movies
  • Ads are less annoying
  • It comes with the mobile version and RSS channel
  • It is simple to use and easy to access on a smartphone

15. LilSubs


Image credit: LilSubs

From the users, it comes with regular updates. Moreover, the signup page allows you to submit your titles. Both TV subtitles and movies are available for your convenience. All the movies come with an individual entry page that provides information about the movie, like its year of release, ratings, and many more.


  • Comes with an obsolete and simple interface
  • Enjoy downloading a huge variety of subtitles and ads at the top of the page.
  • This website download subtitle is offered easy access to your account

16. Pearltrees

It is a free service that allows you to organize, share, and explore your favorite movies and shows on the page. It is designed with modern specifications to download your favorite movie’s or show’s subtitles easily. You are free to access your account any time on all your devices.


Image credit: Pearltrees


  • Get subtitles in multiple languages
  • It arranges the most used subtitles categorically
  • Gives an easy to use format for the majority of the movies and shows
  • The interface is simple and easy to operate

17. Downsub

This website download subtitle allows you to get subtitles of your favorite movies and shows online. Moreover, you will generate new subtitles too. Get a video with the subtitles on Vlive, Viki, VIU, YouTube, and other websites. Then, copy the URL of the video and paste it into the special field on the website. Now, download subtitles from the videos in the required format.


Image credit: Downsub


  • Make your subtitles of your favorite movie
  • It increases ease and convenience for the majority of the users
  • Get subtitles in your required format
  • Simple and very easy design

18. Podnapisi


Image credit: Podnapisi

In the international market, this English language site is one of the best and simplest to use. The majority of people prefer to use this site because it offers a wide range of movies.


  • Comes over 6,000 TV series, 58000 movies, and 2 million subtitles for download
  • Allows searching with the use of the advanced tool
  • Available in a variety of languages
  • High-quality and easy to use interface
  • Comes with several sections on the page of the website


Get subtitles for your favorite shows and movies in a great number of languages. It is simple to get the website’s benefits by just typing the name of the movie in the search field. You will see the movie on your screen. If you do not know the movie’s full name, you can write the keyword, and the website will give you the movie subtitles that have this word in the title.

Moviesubtitles website

Image credit: Moviesubtitles


  • It allows you to use the search bar
  • The application works like magic by offering automatically download subtitles for your TV show and movies

20. Savesubs


Image credit: Savesubs

It allows you to download your favorite subtitles from the dozens of websites that include Viki, Facebook, Daily Motion, and YouTube. The users do not have to install or download any type of third party software and extensions. It provides an online method to download subtitles. Just copy-paste the URL and get your subtitles.


  • It is an open and easy website to navigate through the page.
  • You can choose movies as per the genre.
  • When a user opens movies, he gets the option to see the rating and year as well.
  • It is an easy to use platform that is suitable for all users.


These subtitles sites are highly efficient, but volunteers run these sites. A functional subtitle download site can help you because it allows you to create video subtitles yourself.

All the websites mentioned above are filled with millions of files available for free. Watching films subtitle is helpful in many conditions since it helps you learn a foreign language. You can choose your favorite and easy to use site for your use.

These are designed with modern specifications. With the given features, you learn many more about them. No doubt, all these are efficient and easy to use.

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