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15 Best Subtitle Editors for Mac/Windows/Linux/Online

The world of subtitle creation is more challenging than you think. After downloading subtitles, you may need to edit them. Finding a subtitle editor suitable to your needs takes time, experience, and more than a little luck. To be successful in this role, you require the absolute best subtitle editor for Mac or Windows, depending on what you use.

Today, we took an in-depth look at the best subtitle editor program to match your Mac/Windows/Linux/online needs. So whether you are sourcing a subtitle editor for PC, or whether you are trying to find the best subtitle editor for Linux, we have the details that you need.

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Here is a quick look for the subtitle editors that we recommend. Check it out.

ListBest Subtitle EditorsSupported SystemSubtitle Editors FeaturesRating
#1AegisubWindows/Mac/LunixFree to use; Easy for beginners; Preview video online5 Stars
#2Jubler Subtitle EditorWindows/Mac/LunixCheck subtitle spelling mistakes; Transition mode5 Stars
#3Subtitle FactoryMacSupport srt file; Various subtitle tracks; For MP4/mov files4.5 Stars
#4iToolSoft Movie Subtitle EditorMacChange subtitle color, location and font fype4 Stars
#5MiyuMacFree for everyone; Small and light; Easy to use4 Stars
#6Subtitle WorkshopWindowsLatest version 6.0; multi-language; Support more than 60 subtitle formats5 Stars
#7Subtitle CreatorWindowsSupport add subtitle to DVD; Free to use; Text based subtitles4.5 Stars
#8VisualSubSyncWindowsSupport srt/sst subtitle files; Subtitle for professionals4.5 Stars
#9KapwingOnlineIntuitive interface; Easy to use; Limited functions4.5 Stars
#10Subtitle HorseOnlineOffer many tutorial for editing subtitles; Both for beginners and pros4.5 Stars
#11N I k s e . d kOnlineAuto break is easy to use; Translation function is powerful4 Stars
#12SubShifterOnlineOnly support srt subtitle file; Change time one by one4 Stars
#13ClideoOnlineMore than just a subtitle editor; Edit subtitle font like a pro4.5 Stars
#14Gnome SubtitlesLinuxSupport srt files; Preview video with subtitle online4 Stars
#15GaupolWindows/LinuxTiming subtitles; Edit audio; Chage subtitle font5 Stars

Part 1: The Best Subtitle Editor for Mac

Let’s start with the Mac. There are plenty of suitable subtitle editors for Mac-based software if you know where to look.

1. Aegisub Advanced Subtitle Editor

Aegisub is one of the best available subtitle editors for Mac programs that you can get. It is free to use, free to use, works across different platforms, and saves time by making it quick to convert your subtitles to audio. It comes with a real-time video previewing tool and a team which make regular adjustments to perfect their wares.

Aegisub Subtitle Editor

Image credit: Aegisub Advanced Subtitle Editor


  • Aegisub comes with a forum where you can discuss any problems and seek help from other users.
  • It is free and only requires a donation but will work as an online subtitle editor for Mac or Windows.
  • It has a built-in bug tracker to help improve and update the service.

2. Jubler Subtitle Editor

Jubler insists that it is the best subtitle editor for Mac machines on the market. It can either be used to collaborate text-based subtitles effectively, or it can be used to create new texts to go alongside your video. Refine or even convert popular subtitle formats, all on an open-source platform.

Jubler Subtitle Editor

Image credit: Jubler


  • Completely free to use and runs on donations.
  • Translation mode, an option of colors, spell checking, and the ability to move or resize or enable your subtitles’ previews.
  • Splitting, joining, time-shifting, frame rate conversion, and cut, copy and paste.

3. Subtitle Factory

The Subtitle Factory is relatively easy to understand and simple to operate subtitle editor for Mac. What makes this such a good subtitle editor program is that you can create, delete, edit, and insert, subtitle text onto any video you please. The scores lower down on the list than Aegisbub simply because they are on version 1.2 and everyone else is in more advanced stages.

Subtitle Factory

Image credit: Subtitle Factory


  • Operate using multiple subtitle tracks simultaneously as you edit.
  • Easily import SRT, MP4, and MOV files.
  • Will keep MP4 files as they are and save all others as QuickTime movie or MOV files.

4. iToolSoft Movie Subtitle Editor

iToolSoft Movie Subtitle Editor is another subtitle editor for Mac that will allow you to change your subtitles’ color and typeface. With this program, you can even change the location whereby they appear on the screen. IToolSoft movie subtitle editor lets you adjust the resolution and change the frame rate of your subtitles. This software has been judged to be so good that it has been given the software informer awards badge and has been a virus test guarantee by Softonic.


Image credit: iToolSoft


  • Change the color typeface or location of your subtitles.
  • Download from a trusted source.
  • Adjust the bit rate and resolution to make those subtitles stand out.

5. Miyu

Miyu is available for anyone who has a Mac SX for previous versions. Miyu has been designed to need only a small amount of space, making it ideal for any film editor whose software is clogged with footage and memory issues. Miyu comes with expert functionality and full compatibility with QuickTime videos and MOV files. It is a frequent favorite among subtitle editors for Mac.


Image credit: Miyu


  • This subtitle editor program features QuickTime overlays and a non-flattened QuickTime video.
  • Works with MOV and QuickTime files.
  • LITE – won’t take up much space on your machine.

Part 2: The Best Subtitle Editor for Windows

Let’s stop talking about marks for a moment and turn our attention to finding the best subtitle editor for windows.

6. Subtitle Workshop

Subtitle Workshop is a subtitle editor program that operates for free as an application. Using subtitle workshop, you can convert text-based subtitle files into video compatible files, edit, and even create fresh subtitles. Of all of the subtitle editor for windows that you can get, subtitle workshop offers the most in saving possibilities. They offer a program that allows you to save and convert from more than 60 different file types using an in-house API library.

Subtitle Workshop

Image credit: Subtitle Workshop


  • That in-house API library is fantastic and allows you to save with over 60 compatible formats.
  • This subtitle editor program contains tutorials that you can visit through the website.
  • It is almost entirely customizable right down to timing and text, duration, smart line adjustment, spell checking, FPS changes, and language.

7. Subtitle Creator

Subtitle Creator is already on version 2.0.4 as of the writing time and allows you to add subtitles to any copyright-free DVD. Subtitle Creator operates in English, French, or Dutch, and is considered to be one of the best free subtitle editor programs that you can get in terms of subtitle editor for windows. This program mixes high functionality and compatibility, with multiple format options and the option to automate the addition service.

Subtitle Creator

Image credit: Subtitle Creator


  • options to customize your color palette to IFO specifications.
  • Convert to SubRIP or micro DVD files.
  • Stretch, adjust, automatically wrap, or generate bitmaps for, your subtitles.

8. VisualSubSync

VisualSubSync uses audio waveform representation to create a flawless subtitle editor for windows. Visual sub’s in support SRT and SST/S subtitle formats and comes with tools like error checking and network suggestions to improve the quality of your subtitling job.


Image credit: VisualSubSync


  • Make a transcript and synchronize it with your video.
  • Engage in online tutorials that take you through everything from installing to using the program.
  • Full WAV display controls and use of SRT subtitle format

Part 3: Best Online Subtitle Editor

We will now turn our attention towards the best online subtitle editor programs available on the market today.

9. Kapwing

Kapwing is one of the few online subtitle editor systems that allows you to try a sample before indulging in a full download. You can upload or paste a link to add subtitles to any video. Kapwing cleverly surmises that videos are going to be played through mobile phones daily. This means that the chances are high that your viewers are watching without sound. Kapwing then lets you add subtitles using an online platform specifically devised to make a video editor’s life easier.


Image credit: Kapwing


  • This online subtitle editor program is as easy to use as it gets.
  • You can instantly share your video from online to any other platform.
  • You can type and time your subtitles in one convenient place.

10. Subtitle Horse

Subtitle Horse offers both free and paid versions of its online subtitle editor program. This browser-based subtitling system can be as real-time to create highly customizable subtitles for everyone from the beginner to the professional.

Subtitle Horse

Image credit: Subtitle Horse


  • It comes with tutorials, demos, access, editors who died, and a free or paid version.
  • There is a mobile version of the subtitle horse, which is called subtitle pony. This allows you to edit subtitles both online and using your mobile phone.
  • Comes with interactive timeline shortcuts and real-time validation.

11. N I k s e . d k

N I k s e . d k is an online subtitle editor program that is still in its beta versions. One of the best features of this system as their auto translate service, which allows you to translate your subtitles into different languages accordingly. It also comes with full synchronization with a variety of online platforms and browsers.


  • This is an entirely free online subtitle editing program.
  • That auto-translate feature allows you to watch films from foreign languages quickly and efficiently.
  • This online editing suite is incredibly easy to use.

12. SubShifter

SubShifter is less of an online editor program for your subtitles as it is an online SRT (subtitle rethink tool). Upload your subtitle files for linear correction in the most comfortable manner possible or upload the subtitle file with a noticeable time shift disparity and rethink it in seconds. These tools are simple but effective and will optimize your subtitles’ synchronicity drew movie whenever there is a slight offset.


Image credit: SubShifter


  • SubShifter has a resync tool which lets you realign subtitles with video files.
  • It lets you alter the timestamp of your movie subtitle file.
  • These are free tools that let you alter already existing subtitles without downloading a full program.

13. Clideo

Clideo is next on our list of online subtitle editor for PC offerings. Using this program, you can choose to work from an SRT fail or to create or to convert subtitles that already exist onto your video. Conclusion this lets you generate SRT files or utilize SRT files accordingly and even comes with an MKV the subtitle creator.


Image credit: Clideo


  • Convert to and from MP4, MKV, AVI, MOV, and more file types.
  • Customize the colour, font, style, and size of subtitles.
  • Fully Cloud compatible with the option to add subtitles to any file online.

Part 4: The Best Subtitle Editor for Linux

For those of us using a Linux OS, here are some of the best subtitle editor for Linux programs out there.

14. Gnome Subtitles

Gnome Subtitles works in harmony with the GNOME desktop to produce flawlessly high-quality subtitle files to match any Linux-run video file. It offers saving to and conversion from the most popular file types with the minimum of fuss. Unlike the other systems listed today, this subtitle editor for Linux carries more than twenty different languages.

Gnome Subtitles

Image credit: Gnome Subtitles


  • A wide range of languages to translate to and from.
  • GNOME UI with cloud-based network management.
  • Customizable font options that let you alter text until you are happy.

15. Gaupol

Guapol is another high-end subtitle editor for Linux that lets you work on text-based subtitle files. You can create them from scratch, import or export them, convert them, alter them, and resync them – all from this one nifty app.


Image credit: Gaupol


  • built-in and external video launch is supported.
  • Sync up audio and text, alter, convert, or translate files.
  • Uses the GNOME desktop but will also run on Windows as a subtitle editor for pc.


Above are the 15 best subtitle editors for Mac, Windows, Linux and online. Which one do you like? Leave a comment to let us know.

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