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Ultimate Guide on YIFY Subtitles: How to Download and Add YIFY SRT to Videos

Distributors often release their movies without subtitles in some countries months before they are available in other countries. Thus, many movies need subtitles to accompany.

Besides, most of us want to see the latest movies as soon as we can with subtitles, and watching movies is a great way to make use of our time at home during the coronavirus affected months to come. So, YIFY is the best website to download and add the subtitles to videos.

In this article, we will let you know what the YIFY subtitle is. In the end, you will also learn how to download and add them to videos easily.

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Part 1: What Is YIFY?

The world is coming closer together culturally, and we all increasingly enjoy the same sort of movies. But most of us, especially native English speakers, don’t usually speak other people’s languages.

YIFY gives us the chance to watch movies in other languages, and as a bonus, even start to pick up on some of the language. The modern film can also have loud background music soundtracks, so YIFY subtitles help us follow the action better.

YIFY subtitle interface

Image credit: YIFY

YIFY subtitles offers a wide range of movies in a variety of language with a friendly interface and easy to navigate website, making selecting movies easy.

The website features the latest release, most liked, classic movies, recently added, and popular movies. Users can browse and select movies according to genre or by language, and when you open any video, you get the option to see the year and viewer rating.

Part 2: How to Add Your YIFY Subtitles to Movies?

After downloading YIFY subtitles, you need to add them to your movie. How can you do that? In fact, VLC can help you add YIFY subtitles to video easily. Below are the steps to add YIFY srt to movies. Check it out!

    1. Download VLC

and launch it.

    1. Click on Subtitle, which you see on the top menu bar, following which the drop-down menu will appear.

choose subtitle on vlc

Image credit: VLC

    1. Click Add Subtitle File to select your YIFY subtitles on the Subtitle drop-down menu.

add subtitle to movie

Image credit: VLC

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Your movie is now ready to be watched with the YIFY subtitles. Let’s hope it is a good one

Part 3: Frequently Asked Questions about YIFY Subtitles

1. Why Is It Called YIFY?

The name YIFY was taken from the name Yiftach Swery, the (then) 17-year-old New Zealander, who set up the YIFY Torrents website. Yiftach is an app and website developer who’s other talents include representing New Zealand at archery, in which he set a world record.

The original YIFY website is now closed, but thanks to Yiftach’s innovative idea and the efforts of those who’ve followed him, this type of movie download access is well established.

2. Are YIFY and YTS The Same Thing?

When Yiftach stopped running YIFY in 2014, the existing team continued with it, using the name ‘Yiftach Torrent Solutions’ (YTS) , and continued featuring high-quality releases of the latest movies.

A new system (OTTO) was devised to cope with the downloading and uploading, and later, with the assistance of Yiftach, the site was reprogrammed to deal with its ever-increasing traffic. Both YIFY and YTS became phenomenal internet success stories and were amongst the most popular searches on the Internet.

3. Sites Like YIFY?

The term YIFY is now used generically to describe the process itself rather than any single provider and now includes names such as OpenSubtitles, which claims over five million subtitles, including TV shows. Subscene, which has been going since around 2005, is a site like YOFY. Addic7ed also with downloads for both movies and TV shows. TVSubs is also a great site like YIFY.

4. What Is YIFY File?

YIFY started as YIFY Torrents in 2010. It was a peer group website set up to share free HD quality movies by packaging them into small files for downloading. It emerged an overnight sensation amongst movie lovers by using a process called ‘BitTorrent’, which is a communications protocol able to cope with entire movies or TV shows, which distributes the data and electronic files over the Internet.

The torrent is the file extension that enables users to serve as network redistribution points and ensures efficient software distribution.

YIFY is a video file containing a downloaded movie, which can then be stored on the computer in a format such as MP4, AVI, MK etc. For the tech minded, a ‘YIFI tag’ is only a part of the file name. It’s not an extension of the file itself.

YIFI allows us to share multimedia content in networks. Multimedia playback tools and digital video players such as Video Media Player (VLC) are used to open and watch movies stored in the YIFI file. As long as the software can support the video format of the YIFI file, video development tools can also open and edit them.

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